AMC Unveils Intense New ‘Hell on Wheels’ Season 3 Teasers

Hell On Wheels Season 2 Finale Blood Moon (2)

Either Hell on Wheels is taking a page out of Game of Thrones‘ book and winter is coming, or Cullen Bohannon (Anson Mount) has spent the off-season transitioning from cowboy into Grizzly Adams. In the first of two teasers from AMC, Bohannon is seen armed with an ax as he prepares to face off with a wolf. The winterscape is gone in the second tease, which turns its attention to Elam (Common), who ominously says, “I’m afraid this job is going to get me killed.”

Check out both teasers below. Will you be following Hell on Wheels to Saturdays?

Hell on Wheels‘ two-hour season three premiere airs Saturday, August 10th on AMC.