Twisted Season 1 Review “Three for the Road”

Twisted Episode 4 Sleeping with the Frenemy (1)

Three is definitely a crowd in this week’s Twisted, ‘Three for the Road’, as Jo inadvertently puts Lacey’s back up by tagging along on a road trip to find Regina’s correspondence buddy. They’re off to Connecticut to track down the owner of the money and note Lacey found last week, but the girls end up finding something that could make things worse for Danny, rather than better. Meanwhile, Rico hangs out at the police station and the moms bond over pottery and shared boyfriends.

Lacey still isn’t sure what side of things she stands on, measuring Danny’s life against Regina’s reputation and coming out without a winner. Does she still think Danny killed her friend, as the dream revealed last week? If she does then she’s got a funny way of showing it, going on a road trip with him that I’m pretty sure Archie has no idea about. Funnily enough, however, she has the least at stake – Danny is breaking his probation and Jo’s family aren’t too keen on her going on a night-time escapade with a convicted murderer.

We do get some more answers about the necklace, with Danny telling his mother that it was planted in his locker the day after Regina was killed. We have to take everything Danny says with a pinch of salt until he’s diagnosed as not-a-sociopath, of course, but now that we know his father, Vikram, was involved with Regina in some way, it’s hard not the believe his side of the story. It’d be a pretty cheap twist to get to the end of find out Danny killed her all along – funny, but cheap.

I wondered why Tess and Karen were talking about Vikram so much (other than the fact that he was sleeping with them both back in high school), but then we found out that, not only was Vikram’s body never found, but he has apparently been sending Regina mail from his apartment in Connecticut in the six months since his ‘death’. The letter being postmarked two days before she was killed, and taking into account her text to Danny, it seems obvious that Vikram knew something about his sister’s murder that only Danny – and then Regina – did:

“This is your final payment. Deal holds, keep your mouth shut. If you tell anyone…you know what’ll happen.”

The mystery is tangling up nicely, and has only become more juicy with Vikram’s sudden reappearance in the story. Even if we solve Regina’s murder and it turns out someone unsuspected did it (my eyes are still on Sarita and Rico), we still have no idea why Danny killed his aunt in the first place. Vikram is now linked to both killings, no matter what his son’s involvement, and we still know too little about him to let him off the hook. Add to that Kyle’s new information about Karen and the necklace, and the Desai’s are only getting deeper in trouble.

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