TV Equals Is Going Comic-Con 2013!

comic con 2012 tv equals

We’re going back!

It’s July and you know what that means, it’s Comic-Con time! And yes, TV Equals is once again heading down to San Diego, California for five intense days of television coverage starting on Wednesday July 17th through Sunday July 21st.

This year, Americ, Michelle, Adam, Rueben and I will be your guides during that exciting time. So expect us to be running around between press rooms, panels, the convention floor and various places around downtown San Diego.

Like every year, there are plenty of places for you to follow us on our Comic-Con 2013 coverage. Here is the list:

TV Equals – Right here on is where you will find all our articles straight from Comic-Con 2013. We’ll also have a permanent link on the homepage and sidebar under the Highlights section for you to always find the latest info.

Twitter – You can follow the official TV Equals twitter @tvequals, as well as me @sosandrine, Americ at @itsameric, Michelle at @mokibobolink, Adam at @tvczar and Rueben at @RuebenRambling.

Facebook – For all you Facebook fans, you can also find us there. So make sure you “Like” our official page so you don’t miss a thing. (You can also click the like button of the Facebook box at the end of this post).

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Instagram – Finally if you love Instagram. You can find Americ at itsameric and me at sosandrine.

And I think that about covers everything. So you have no excuse for missing a minute of our Comic-Con 2013 experience! Hope you enjoy and thanks for coming on this adventure with us once again!

Oh and as a bonus, we also have a video announcement of what you can expect from our Comic-Con coverage. Enjoy!