Teen Wolf Season 3 “Currents” Review – [SPOILER], We Hardly Knew Ye

There are lots of things to discuss from last night’s episode of Teen Wolf. Scott’s alpha status, some heffa trying to kill our precious, adorable Danny, Scott almost spilling the beans to Sheriff Stilinski . . .

I’ll get to those details later, as this review is dedicated to Vernon Boyd. Admittedly, Tyler Hoechlin tried to warn fans last night that it was time to say goodbye to someone.

After the great Derek is dead fake out two episodes ago, I didn’t take the warning seriously and figured that if someone died it would be someone we were less attached to like Cora or Ms. Blake. Nope. It was Boyd.

I’m sure that if Teen Wolf fans were forced to rank the characters they would not like to see die, Boyd may not make anyone’s top two or three. Although completely likeable, we simply didn’t know enough about the guy to be invested as him as the more developed of the werewolves, like Isaac. As Boyd bid his sad goodbye, I found myself sadder than I had anticipated and a little frustrated with how he left the show.

Boyd got what I like to refer to as “T-Dogged.” If you have not watched The Walking Dead and would like to keep yourself virginal to anything that has happened on the show, I strongly encourage you to skip the following section.

The T-Dog Phenomenon Explained

Like Teen Wolf, The Walking Dead has a very talented cast of actors and as such, it is difficult to give an equal amount of screen time to all of the characters. Unfortunately for the character named T-Dog, the guy really hadn’t gotten a lot of screen time over three seasons of the show.

Even more unfortunate, his limited screen time was usually comprised of him screwing up in ways that could have been fatal during the zombie apocalypse. We saw him get beat down by Merle, drop a handcuff key down a drain after tripping as he went to free Merle and poor T-Dog nearly died from a scratch he received while searching for supplies in abandoned cars on the high way. It seemed as though the character was doomed to a tv lifetime of perpetual screw ups.

By the third season of The Walking Dead, T-Dog had become a more productive member of the group, but we really didn’t know much about his character or his pre-apocalyptic life. Just when we warmed up to T-Dog, he was bitten by a zombie. He died a heroic death, sacrificing himself to save Carol – another member of the group. After T-Dog’s death, yes after, we learned that he was a great guy. When the apocalypse first broke out, T-Dog rode around in his church van to the homes of senior citizens that had been left behind and helped them out. We also learned that he’d saved Glenn “a thousand times.” T-Dog deserved better development before his heroic death.

Much like T-Dog, I think Vernon Boyd deserved more development before departing Teen Wolf. At the time of his untimely death on Monday, here’s what we knew about Boyd:

– He worked at the skating rink.

– He was a loner before Derek gave him the bite.

– His transformation from pudgy to ripped was also thanks to the bite.

– He was a loyal Beta, often right at Derek’s side in dangerous situations. He was with Derek last season during the standoff with the Argents outside the rave party. That loyalty ultimately cost him his life.

– He was close to Erica and seemed to be a good friend to her.

– His first name was Vernon.

– He felt immense guilt over the death of his sister.

– He was a member of the ROTC.

– It looks like he was pretty smart, as he remembered Gerard’s electric current trick and figured out what was needed to give Kali and Co. a “shocking surprise.” Too bad it didn’t work out.

– Boyd apparently bonded with Cora while trapped in the vault. That was suggested by Cora’s emotional, tearful reaction to his death.

We finally get a little development in the last two episodes and now he’s gone. Classic T-Dogging. I hope this death will at least have significance and meaning for the rest of the season.

End of T-Dog/Boyd Discussion

A few additional questions about Boyd’s death –

Although Derek’s claws are razor sharp, how were they able to deal a fatal blow to Boyd? They were sharp, but not that long. Boyd’s death made me realize that I don’t yet understand all of the mechanics involved in killing wolves. Or, as they say on True Blood, how does one issue the “true death” to a werewolf in Teen Wolf canon?

What do we make of Isaac’s lack of tears? I’m sure he’s learned to suppress feelings because of his past, but I would like to see more of the effect of Boyd’s death on Isaac. Isaac is now Derek’s only remaining Beta. That has to make Isaac feel some kind of way.

How will Scott, who feels compelled to protect/save everyone, take the news of Boyd’s death?

Was anyone able to hear Boyd’s final words? I need to rewatch with closed captioning.

On a final note, I loved the moment when Stiles placed a comforting hand on Derek’s shoulder as he wept over Boyd’s death.

I suppose it’s time to move on. There were some other events in last night’s episode of Teen Wolf. Here are a few highlights . . .

Scott and Isaac watching over Melissa with closed eyes was absolutely adorable. Come on Melissa, let’s go to the court and fill out that paperwork – make Isaac an official part of the McCall clan.

Is there a teacher shortage in Beacon Hills? How exactly does an English teacher qualify as a substitute for a Science teacher? Really? I’m trying to like Ms. Blake. Wait, no. I’m trying to get used to Ms. Blake. I haven’t made a lot of progress in that goal.

Did anyone else notice how manly Stiles sounded when he told Cora to back off of Lydia.

Lydia knows that Aiden is part of the evil super Alpha clique, why is she still fooling around with him? Has anyone shared with her that she’s being used because of her closeness to Scott? Would anyone else like to see her give him the boot after his involvement in Boyd’s death?

Cora, you don’t get to threaten or question Lydia’s judgment until you explain where you’ve been the last six years.

I ask this question every other week, but it must be asked again – where the hell was Peter Hale?

Duke rivals The Walking Dead’s Governor in his ability to take down enemies despite his visual handicap.

Beacon Hills High School needs better security. Between wolves fighting in the boiler room at night and Duke just walking into the music room all willy nilly, the school could use those cameras the Argents installed or a patrol person. Something.

I’m starting to like Stiles/Danny scenes as much as or maybe even more than I like Stiles/Derek scenes.

How did the super Alphas know to kill Derek’s power?

Will Derek ever learn that sometimes it is better to regroup and plan instead of fight? I’m not sure that he, Isaac and Boyd could’ve gotten out of the loft but this “we stay and we fight” approach has not worked a single time this season. At a minimum, Derek needs to go get some jedi training and step his game up before he faces off with the super Alphas again. Nothing will bring me more joy than watching him tear Kali to pieces before this season ends.

I’m glad that Scott saved Dr. Deaton and I still don’t trust that shifty Ms. Morrell. Sheriff Stilinski is really good at his job and may not need as much protection and sheltering as Scott and Stiles suspect. Was anyone else thinking he was going to tell Scott he knew all about the wolves while they were in the vault?

And oh yeah, there was this . . .

After our beloved Teen Wolf saved Dr. Deaton’s life, the vet said what we fans have been saying for weeks – “Scott, dude, your eyes went all Alpha red!” It turns out that Scott is not only a Teen Wolf he is the True Alpha. He is the rare Alpha that gains his status by sheer virtue and character. It is a nice tribute to the compassionate, caring young man we’ve watched develop over three seasons of the show. Deaton also revealed what we’ve suspected all season because of the mysterious bike girl that saved Isaac – Duke is after Scott.

There was also a little of this . . .

Ahhh, young love. Seriously – no, no, no, no, NO! We have no time for this! The moment was awkward and a nice touch of levity, but Scott and Allison have proven to be so amazing now that they are single. Let’s let them develop a little more before we entertain any reunions.

Well Teen Wolf fans, that’s a wrap for another episode in this emotional roller coaster of a season. I can’t wait for next Moon Day where we’ll see the awkward family reunion between Allison and Gerard.

It bears repeating one last time – Kali . . . MUST . . . die! Do you think the cause of Ennis’ death will ever be revealed? Sound off on that and this week’s episode below!

Update – I finally watched the episode with closed captioning and here are Boyd’s last words (without Derek’s response):

It’s okay.
It’s all okay, Derek.
The full moon.
That feeling . . .
That was worth it.
There was a lunar eclipse.
I always wondered what that would feel like for one of us.

Flashback to Erica.

Oh, Boyd. *tears*