Switched at Birth Season 2 Review “The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living”

Switched At Birth

With a title like that you’d be forgiven for thinking Switched at Birth had gotten all philosophical, but it’s just referring to the sheer frustration everyone feels over John’s continued stubbornness. His little daydream last week may have gotten him over his resentment towards Regina, but he’s still adamant that his way is best and a little heart attack isn’t going to change things. Poor Daphne’s stuck with John-watch, also, and it doesn’t help her game when she’s trying to build something with Jace.

I have my suspicions whenever a token Brit rolls onto a show (every single series has one now), but Jace seems perfect for Daphne. After last year’s mistake with Chef Jeff she needs a steady and appropriate boyfriend, so dating someone with the same interests and same passion is a good move. It’s not without its dramas, however, as his little disagreement with John over politics demonstrated. I fail to see where the drama will come from between them once the little petty fights subside, but maybe he can stick around for a while.

Another romance I’m enjoying is that between Ty and Bay. The Lying Game has been cancelled, so that means he won’t be called away for ay contractual reason – meaning that Bay’s deflowering this week doesn’t necessarily have to end in heartbreak. With the continual sidelining of Emmett, but the reminder of their romance in John’s fantasy last week, I’m unclear which side the writers are on, but I really hope its Ty’s. He’s sweet and respectful towards Bay and, when her own family continue to ignore and disregard her, that’s nice to see.

It was also nice to see her little chat with Daphne before her date. For the first time in a long time, the girls really just seemed like sisters gossiping about boys, so I guess their little confession a couple of weeks ago paid off. The family are back together and working things out, but my guess is that’s it’s more the calm before the storm than it is any permanent change in status quo. Angela is keeping secrets from Regina, Regina is keeping secrets from her boss, Toby is keeping secrets from his dad, and everything has to blow up sometime.

Toby, especially, needs to start learning from his mistakes. He continually makes rash decisions and then can’t untangle himself later – this week he wants to quit his manager’s job at the car wash and go to college, despite his impending nuptials and the fact he stole the job from Travis in the first place. He’s right in saying that he wasn’t the best man for the job, and Travis wants it a heck of a lot more than he does, but he still can’t bring himself to go against his father’s wishes and forge his own path. That boy needs to grow a pair – preferably before the wedding.

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