King & Maxwell Season 1 Review “Stealing Secrets”

King & Maxwell Episode 6 Stealing Secrets (3)

In a series that we expect to be entirely week by week, King & Maxwell’s sixth episode, ‘Stealing Secrets’, dealt almost entirely in Sean’s long-running storyline. The son of his former, failed, protectee Clyde Ritter comes to Sean and Michelle for information on an anonymous blogger targeting his family. Sean’s guilt propels him into the case head-first and, along the way, he starts to come to terms with the new information he and Edgar have uncovered and deduced in recent weeks.

I may prefer Sean’s individual story to the case-of-the-week, but it still isn’t the most thrilling mystery in television history. What makes it more interesting right now is Edgar’s involvement in present day and, as of the end of this episode, his almost sinister commitment to being Sean’s friend and protecting his back. He becomes a real, out-of-office, part of the team this week, manning the surveillance while King and Maxwell save the day. Things go wrong, and he takes it hard – so hard that he’s adamant it will never happen again.

It might just be unfortunate that this and last week’s episode were placed side-by-side, but there seems to be a slightly uneven favoring of Sean as a character over Maxwell. They’re a duo who solve crimes together, but the last two weeks (which I’ve found to be the most entertaining episodes yet) have used Sean’s past as a jumping off point. Michelle is around, and she isn’t exactly sidelined, but it seems too early to focus on one of the partners so heavily. I’d like to know more about Maxwell’s backstory and motivations.

I’m still interested in seeing where Sean’s investigation takes him, and whether Edgar’s unwavering loyalty turns out to be a help or a hindrance, but things are going to have to get a lot more exciting – and soon. I like the characters (can we have more Benny please!) and their interaction, but I’m still having trouble engaging with the weekly cases.

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