True Blood Season 6 “F… The Pain Away” Review – Sookie, You in Danger Girl!

As this week’s episode of True Blood came to a close one thing was clear, I still have no idea what on Eartha Kitt is going on in Bon Temps. Let’s review:

Jessica and the Bellefleur Four

This week’s episode picked up with Jessica full of guilt and high on fae blood. I want to feel bad for Jessica, but I still don’t understand why she just sat there crying and whining to Bill instead of seeing whether or not any of the Bellefleur four could be saved with vampire blood. I’m equally confused as to why Bill did not make an effort to save the girls either, considering they were his primary source for his True Blood replica experiments. I just simply don’t get it.

Thankfully and sadly, Andy showed up just in time to do what Jessica and Bill should have done – save his daughter with some v. I thought that fae turned into dust when they died, but I guess that isn’t the case if you are half human. I’m sad that Andy lost 3 of his 4 daughters, but on the bright side he should be able to name her now. Right? I want someone to knock Bill down a peg or two, but I hope Andy thinks about what he’s doing before going after Billith. I don’t want the remaining Bellefleur quad to be orphaned so soon.

Holly comforting a grief-ridden Andy was my favorite part of last night’s episode. I want Andy to get his vengeance – sorry Billith and Jess.

Billith and Barlow

In a nutshell – Barlow owes his vampire roots to Lillith, who saw him, smelled him, literally jumped his bones and made him. The Lillith part of Billith is connected to Barlow and can command him as his maker. Billith found his new source of fae blood and the rest of the story remains a mystery for now.

Sookie, Oda Mae Brown and Daddy Stackhouse

After threatening him with her ball of fae fire, Barlow (Ben + Warlow) revealed to Sookie that he was not trying to kill her – it was her dad! Sookie sought out LaLa and asked him to tap into his inner Oda Mae Brown and ask her parents to explain themselves. Daddy Stackhouse answered the call and it turns out that Barlow was right. Sookie’s father preferred to see his daughter dead, rather than have her in the hands of a fae-pire.

Unfortunately, Daddy Stackhouse had not warmed up to vampires in the afterlife, so he hopped into LaLa and set out to “save” Sookie by killing her. Things were not looking good when we last saw the fiesty fae. To paraphrase Oda Mae Brown in Ghost, Sookie – you in danger girl!

The Northman Family

After discovering that Pam was captured by the governor’s minions, Eric and Tara decided to surrender themselves, so that our favorite, sassy, velour sweatsuit wearing vamp would not be alone in captivity. Pam found herself in therapy, while Eric faced off against other vampires in a Darwinian-like test to see which of the fittest would survive. Eric found himself classified as a Level 1 vampire, which meant he was high-level and the government wanted to do more with him than watch him have rapid-paced sex in a laboratory. He finally came face-to-face with his progeny, as Pam learned that there was another addition to the Northman family. We left the two armed with spikes and presumably ordered to fight to the death.

Go Away (former) Mrs. Newlin and Take the Wolves with You!

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, I hated the Fellowship of the Sun plot and I am not well-handled by revisiting this storyline thanks to the former Mrs. Steve Newlin. Since her return to True Blood this season, Sarah has been nothing but hypocrisy and trouble with big hair. I don’t care about her identity crisis and need to be seen outside of the men with whom she was connected. I also have no interest in whatever her political agenda is and her role in all of the secret vampire experimentation. I wish someone would cordially invite her to the true death which for humans on True Blood means they go away for good!

I also wouldn’t mind if the former Mrs. Newlin would take the Shreveport, Louisiana wolf pack with her on her way out of town. Joe Magnaniello is a nice piece of eye candy, so I won’t put him on my official True Blood death wish list. I think his dad was absolutely right for calling Alcide out on his lack of leadership ability. While on his way out of town, I wouldn’t mind if Alcide took Sam and Nicole along with him. It looks like the father/son relationship will grow more complicated with Daddy Herveaux primed to catch Sam and Nicole before Alcide.

Random questions/observations:

– Why was Sarah able to cancel Jessica’s invitation into Jason’s home? Is that how it has always worked? I can’t remember. I thought vampire access went through the actual homeowner. Oh well.

– Pam’s response to the prospect of being in therapy was pretty funny.

– Loved LaLa asking Sookie why she was at Merlotte’s given her record of not showing up for work.

– I don’t know what to make of Terry. I suggest that Arlene ask a vampire to glamor his memories of Patrick and glamor any memories of Terry’s death request away from Justin.

– Where is Nora? We know she was captured, but she was curiously missing from the prison scenes this week.

– Will anyone figure out that Niall has disappeared? Barlow glamored Jason, but shouldn’t one of the Stackhouse siblings realize they haven’t seen him in a while?

This wasn’t quite the eye roll-inducing level of absurdity of last week’s episode, but I’m still not completely invested in this season. Admittedly, I am interested to see how things go with Pam and Eric and how Sookie escapes being killed by her “Daddyette.” What did you think of this week’s episode? Sound off below!