Suits Season 3 Premiere Advance Review “The Arrangement” – Never Run From a Fight

Suits Season 3 Episode 1 The Arrangement (3)

In the third season premiere of Suits, nearly everyone is at odds as the firm moves forward with the merger and they all try to adjust.

Well, it’s the time again folks. I hope everybody is ready to play another round of “How much can I say about the episode without giving away any spoilers.” If this is your first time playing along, don’t worry, the rules are pretty self-explanatory so sit back and see how well I do.

Mike’s Nightmare

When the episode begins, just two days have passed since the events in the epic season 2 finale and Mike is basically struggling through a nightmare. Harvey, his friend and mentor, hates him and Rachel, the woman he loves (well, at least likes, we don’t really know his feelings yet) hates him and Jessica is pretty happy that she was able to manipulate him. Throughout the episode, Mike has to deal with each and every one of these things – some with more success than others. While I can say at least one situation will be (somewhat) resolved by the time the final credits roll, I won’t say which one.

Harvey Doesn’t Run From a Fight

When last we saw Harvey, he was feeling betrayed by nearly everyone he thought he could trust. Now that the merger has gone through, he’s making some big decisions about what he wants to do with the rest of his life and career. Trouble is, he’s just at good at hiding his true intentions as he ever was and it’s nearly impossible to tell what he’s actually up to until the episode is almost over. One thing I can say without giving away a spoiler is that the tension between Harvey and Mike is high and it was incredibly hard to watch them at odds. Luckily Mike isn’t the only one to bear Harvey’s wrath as there is plenty of Harvey rage to go around.

Rachel and Donna’s Troubles with Mike

Considering what we all saw happen in the final moments of the season 2 finale between Mike and Rachel (yowza!) it’s no surprise that she plays a large role in this episode. Her emotions run the gambit in this one, similar to the way they did in those last few minutes. Remember the slap that was then followed by the fooling around? Yeah, it’s kind of like that. As for Donna, she’s Team Harvey all the way and you can just imagine what that does for her relationship with Mike. If you’re looking for loving and caring momma Donna to take care of Mike, you won’t see it in this episode.

Louis’s Journey

As for Louis, his journey takes him in and around the trauma going on among the rest of the characters, but he also has his own story as well. An old enemy comes back to test him and he fights back with that voracity that is all Louis, but it could end up costing him severely when the dust has settled. Be on the lookout for one of those quiet little scenes where he surprisingly offers a sympathetic ear to someone who really needs it. It’s an awesome moment that will make the Louis lovers love him even more.

Jessica – In Charge?

She may have seemingly got everything that she wanted by the end of last season, but don’t expect that to mean that Jessica is just sitting back on her laurels and enjoying the fruits of her labor. There are a number of challenges that come her way in this episode and, surprisingly enough, not all of them are from Harvey. She thinks she’s running the show, but it turns out that she’s got to share leadership duties now and she doesn’t necessarily like it.

My favorite (non-spoilery) bits:

“You afraid of the dark?”
“I wouldn’t be, if I had my Cookie Monster with me.”

“How do you know that?”
“Because I was there when I told him.”

“The usual road to get here doesn’t involve stabbing someone in the back.”
“Doesn’t it?”

Louis saying the word “Uniball” over and over.

Donna playing the best practical joke on Louis, like, ever.

“Harvey is not Superman anymore. He’s Batman.”

“Wait. Is this the story from The Breakfast Club?”
“I’m not familiar with that song.”

The very unique way that Mike chose to tell his story to Rachel.

Louis in tears. That is all I can say.

The Suits season 3 premiere airs on Tuesday July 16 at 10/9C on USA. Once you’ve seen the episode, come back up and let me know what you thought of it.

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