Crossing Lines Season 1 Review “Special Ops Part 1”

What a difference a few weeks can make. After a series premiere that felt poorly-paced and too long, this week’s episode of Crossing Lines, “Special Ops Part 1” showed that the series is capable of managing two-part episodes. Granted, things could take a downturn in next week’s finale, but for now, things continue to look up for the show.

The kidnapping plot of the episode was nothing original in and of itself, but the return of some of the show’s ongoing plots helped elevate the tension a bit. Little is known about the Russian at this point, but it’s clear that he’s going to become a major force for the investigation team to deal with. Now that Michel is investigating in Moscow, there’ll hopefully be some new information in next week’s episode.

Though there are hints of bigger things, it doesn’t change the fact that Maxim’s kidnapping wasn’t very gripping in and of itself. A big problem was just how unlikable Maxim’s parents were. Fair enough, they were divorced, but at no point did it seem like they were willing to put their issues aside and focus on the well-being of their son.

Conversely, the main characters were at their best this week, with most of the cast getting fleshed out a bit. We learned about Sebastian’s potential gambling problem, saw more of Carl and Anne-Marie’s growing friendship and found that Tommy is still struggling with the death of his partner. These weren’t huge revelations, but it was character development handled in a smooth, natural way. A particular highlight was just getting to see everyone enjoying their off-time at the beginning of the episode.

Ultimately, Crossing Lines is still a show with some dead weight. It’s still difficult to care about Louis’ home life, given how little we know about the character, and Donald Sutherland still feels like he’s a part of the show in name only. Still, I’m excited to see how things resolve next week, which is more than I would’ve been able to say if the pilot had aired in two parts.

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