Continuum Season 2 Review “Second Wave”

Continuum Season 2

Things are getting more and more complicated as we head towards the second season finale of Continuum, with seemingly every different group of heroes and villains playing a part in episode ten, ‘Second Wave’. Let’s take a breath – Kiera, Alec and Carlos are one group, Travis and Garza are another, Emily and Esther (and possibly Dillon) are another, Julian and his followers are another, the freelancers are another, and then there’s Liber8. That’s a lot for any show to be dealing with over the course of its run – let alone in one episode.

The good news is that they’re all starting to close in on each other and overlap, which makes keeping track of everyone’s motives a little easier. Garza is quickly caught by Carlos and Kiera, and this leads to some more harsh and desperate tactics from our heroine. Last week she didn’t think twice about torturing Julian and pointing a gun in his face so, doing the same to Garza with Dillon’s permission doesn’t even register. If it wasn’t for resident moral centre Carlos, the show would probably have taken a very dark turn.

Whatever Esther’s intentions really are, he claims to be protecting Alec through Emily. I have no idea whether this is true, but it’s definitely not going to end well for any of them. His offer of anything Alec wants has also put Kellogg’s back up, and he’s not going to take kindly to losing his personal genius to another bidder. He’s had the least to do this season, pushed aside by the vast amount of characters popping in and out each week, but hopefully he’ll have a more substantial role to play in the last two episodes.

The ‘good guys’ do get one step closer to tracking Travis down by turning his military CMR back on, but unfortunately that means that Kiera and Alec are also easier to find. He’s got his own problems to deal with at the moment, however, with Garza taken by the mysterious freelancers and him being pushed off of his leadership perch. Julian is fairing much better, leading his followers into full-scale riots and spreading his message across the world as fast as he can.

The crucial moment, though, comes when Julian has the option to kill Kiera in the name of the cause. He decides not to, preferring to champion education and enlightenment over violence and bullets. This, we can assume, is a huge change for the character and could alter the entire course of history – for all Kiera knows, her job is done and 2077 is a much safer place. As we saw last week, however, things between the government and the ‘terrorists’ really aren’t that simple on this show, and she may well have just made things worse.

I guess that’s what we’ll be finding out in the episodes leading up to the finale, with Liber8 missing in action and the freelancer’s backstory starting to connect with our original bad guys. But what role does Esther play in all of this? Have Kiera’s actions really changed the course of history for Julian? And how long will it be before someone realises Gardiner is dead? I don’t know about you, but I’m excited.

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