Devious Maids Season 1 Review “Making Your Bed”

After several first-rate episodes back-to-back, I suppose it was inevitable that “Devious Maids” would have a bit of an off-week, but the good news is that even a so-so episode like “Making Your Bed” still qualifies as reasonably entertaining. On the one hand, the presence of scene-stealer Rebecca Wisocky (aka Evelyn Powell) was sorely missed, as she always gets the juiciest lines, on the other, we got a few good ones out of the almost-as-good Susan Lucci.

I especially loved the exchange between her and her brother Henri (Richard Burgi, also of “Desperate Housewives”) at the beginning of the show, in which she took being called “emaciated” as a compliment. Also priceless, his comment that “Divorce agrees with you,” to which she replied without skipping a beat: “That’s why I keep doing it.” Alas, that was about it for Lucci, aside from a few fairly touching moments between her and Zoila and Valentina. As such, there weren’t nearly as many zingers as we typically get in a given episode.

We did find out some key information about the ongoing murder case, however. It turns out that Flora was pregnant when she died and the coroner, Dante, covered it up. Was it because he was the one sleeping with her and it was his child? Or was it because he killed her? Or both? Whatever the case, Marisol knows, and so does her lawyer. That said, her not-so-ingenious move of setting the room on fire was completely insane. What was she thinking? That could have gone way more awry, and for all we know it did, as we never returned to the house after that.

Other developments: Carmen blew her record deal after Odessa got revenge for her ignoring her request not to go to Alejandro’s party. Happy birthday, indeed. That said, she may be 37, but come on, that’s one hot tamale at any age. Shame on Benny for dropping her. She can do better. I guess what goes around comes around, and let’s face it, her way of landing the deal was pretty shady. Maybe she didn’t deserve what she got, but she did kind of bring it upon herself.

Meanwhile, Peri continued her bid to be the worst wife ever by not only inviting her boy toy to a party at the house and practically show-boating their relationship right there in front of her husband, but, as if that weren’t bad enough, she called the poor guy a mediocre actor and he overheard it. Ouch!

I love that, in a time in which soap actresses regularly spin-off into movies, that guys rarely do these days, making them what soap actresses used to be: completely unable to be taken seriously as an actor. Not a good day for Spence, his lip-lock with Rosie notwithstanding.

Honestly, that was about it, save Zoila changing her mind about letting her daughter date Remi. From the looks of the preview of next week’s episode, that isn’t going to go very well, but we shall see, I suppose.

So, like I said, a decent if unspectacular episode overall. Not a whole lot happened, to be honest, but it was still a decent watch. I can’t decide if they should hurry up and get to a point where the investigation of the murder of Flora starts to get somewhere or not. On the one hand, I love a good mystery, but on the other, we could stand a few more concrete clues. Honestly, though, if they could just keep the colorful quips coming, I think I’d be okay with prolonging the inevitable revelation of the murderer. As far as I’m concerned, the snarkier this show is, the better.

What did you think of “Devious Maids” this week? Are you still onboard with the show, or were you let down a bit after this episode? What did you think of the showdown between Carmen and Odessa? How about the prospects of Remi and Valentina? Or Rosie and Spence, for that matter? Sound off below!