Graceland Season 1 Review “O-Mouth”

Add together death, danger and a few sprinkles of levity and you’ve got yourself and episode of USA’s Graceland. After a week off because of the July 4 holiday, the series returned this week with Mike doing his best to get past witnessing Eddie commit suicide – thanks in large part to Mike’s job-necessitated deception. The rookie enjoyed the company of Abby, soaked up some sun and Paige’s new swimwear.

The sun and companionship did not lessen Mike’s’ need to know more about his undercover mission within his undercover mission, which is posing as a mentee to Briggs and trying to figure out if the veteran agent is playing a little too loose with the rules. Fed up with his handler’s lack of detail about the purpose of this investigation into Briggs, Mike demanded some answers. He’d witnessed Briggs outside the lines approach to investigations but had not seen anything suggesting that the vet deserved the agency’s attention.

According to Mike’s handler, heroin has a peculiar habit of coming up short of the expected take during Briggs’ drug busts. As a result, the FBI suspects that he’s skimming a bit off the top and selling it for a little extra income. With more details about the investigation into Briggs, Mike decided to use his ongoing infiltration into Bello’s drug running as an opportunity to multi-task his missions.

Thanks to some inspiration from classic American westerns, Mike was able to earn an opportunity as Bello’s bodyguard. He wasted no time snooping around Bello’s organization for more information about his business. With Briggs’ help, Mike was able to decipher the mysterious “Bigfoot” code and discovered that Bello is expecting a heroin shipment via submarine.

All work and no play is not the life of a Graceland resident. Unfortunately, their high-risk occupation does not mesh well with their need forge bonds and develop relationships with people outside the house. Of course, if the demands of the job make it difficult for the agents to date there is always the convenience of living in a house of unrealistically attractive people who know everything about your job and its associated risks. Enter Charlie and Brigg, who we discovered this week used to be a thing when they were younger. Given their past and their closeness, it’s a little surprising they haven’t reconnected yet.

Briggs’ relationship with Charlie might just land him in hot water. When he wasn’t helping Mike on the Bello case, Briggs was giving an assist to his old flame as Charlie pursued a different drug dealer. Unfortunately, “Eric” and “Katie” weren’t enough to seal the deal, so Charlie turned to Whistler for help. Whistler’s help cost him his life and in the closing moments of the show, we saw Charlie shooting up heroin (not the fake undercover agent stash) in order to prove that she and Briggs were not law enforcement.

As next week’s episode approaches, things are not looking good for Charlie who has now taken and heroin and is deeply riddled with guilt over Whistler’s death. Should be a good episode! What did you think of Graceland? Sound off below!