Actress Natalie Zea to Return to ‘The Following’

Episode 504

Despite the vicious knife attack against Claire Matthews in the season finale of the new FOX drama The Following, actress Natalie Zea, who plays Claire, will be back for the show’s second season, which is slated to air sometime in early 2014.

It would seem that despite the original plan by series creator Kevin Williamson to kill off Claire, executives at FOX were concerned that fans of the new thriller would turn away from the series if “its leading lady was cut from the cast”.

Fans shouldn’t get too excited, though, because neither the network nor Zea are saying how long or what kind of condition Claire will be in at the start of the sophomore season of ‘The Following’. In fact Zea has reportedly stated she would like to see Claire “undergo a transformation from damsel in distress”, but there is no word if the network will agree with that idea or not.

Zea, of course, is a much in demand actress appearing in the acclaimed FX series ‘Justified’ and HBO’s ‘Californication’. Among her other credits are the short-lived series ‘Dirty Sexy Money’, ‘Eyes’ and ‘The Defenders as well as roles in ‘The Shield’ and ‘Hung’ and guest appearances in episodes of ‘Royal Pains’ and ‘Person of Interest’.

The second season of ‘The Following’ will return to FOX at some point mid-season, namely early 2014.

Source: TV Guide