Royal Pains Season 5 Review “Pregnant Paws” – Change is Unavoidable

Royal Pains Season 5 Episode 4 Pregnant Paws (7)

In this episode of Royal Pains, called “Pregnant Paws,” the boys freak out a little bit about Divya’s pregnancy, but mostly everyone just gets on with their jobs.

Well, other than maybe one or two passing mentions, the Boris and Milos storyline was completely absent from this episode. So much for my theory that Hank’s promise would keep him from doing his doctoring. Not that there wasn’t plenty of important stuff in this one: I think Divya telling the guys about her pregnancy and them learning how to deal with it needed its own episode.

Poor Hank and Evan, you’d almost think that they were the ones becoming dads from the way they both freaked out about Divya becoming a mom. Though I guess it’s kind of true since they are bound to end up as uncles when the little one arrives. This group has turned themselves in a family, so that baby will absolutely be theirs. even if not exactly by blood.

I was glad that they finally chilled out by the end. I didn’t blame Divya at all for being annoyed by both of their hovering. Hank may have been a little less frenetic about it, but he was still being as overprotective as Evan was. I loved the surprised looks on their faces when they found out that Jeremiah had actually asked Divya what she needed. Yay for him for being mature enough to do that. Now that the beard is gone, we’re left with basically the same Jeremiah, but I think he’s also grown some attitude as well. I kind of like this new guy.

Other than Divya’s story, and both of the medical mysteries (which were both interesting in their own ways), Paige found herself a job. Plus there was the return of Van Dyke! I don’t know if he’ll be back forever so I’m not quite jumping for joy yet, but it sure was nice to see him again.

My favorite bits..

“So ‘if you can’t join’em, crush’em?'”

Evan referring to Blythe as “Blythe freaking Ballard.”

“Wait, Divya’s trying to tell she’s pregnant… whoops.” – Smooth, Jeremiah. Very smooth.

The boys’ excited, shocked and whispered conversation over Divya’s shoulder when they were hugging her.

“How did this happen?”
“Well, when a boy and girl have unprotected.”

Poor Evan being upset when he realized that Divya had told Jeremiah before him.

Paige asking Evan if he could put his freak-out on pause.

Finding out that Divya had already told Rafa about the baby.

“It looks very painful.”
“More painful than this?”

Van Dyke! I missed him!!!

Wow, Garrett’s partner is not a nice person is she? Way to beat a guy when he’s down.

“Oh, sorry. Comedy isn’t my field.” – Um, understatement.

The amount of times the boys said “pee pee tepee” in less than a minute.

Van Dyke telling Divya that she was glowing.

Van Dyke not believing that Divya was pregnant. Wow, dude, really?

Hank pointing out that if anyone knew bizarre and erratic behavior, it would be Evan.

The boys making “Nyah” noises at each other when Divya said she didn’t need either of their help. Haha! Very mature, guys.

Divya talking to Hank like he was a dog.

The boys realizing that neither of them had though to ask Divya what she wanted.

Being so proud of Evan and the way he calmly stepped in to help Jeremiah with his patient. Remember just a few years ago when he would’ve been freaking out over something like that?

“I am a very hard worker and masochism has nothing to do with it.”

The look on Paige’s face when she found out that Evan was in his underwear the first time he met Divya. Aw, just got a happy flashback to the pilot.

Hank breaking down trying to make a toast to Divya.

Divya’s toast. Aw.

“I didn’t have a crush on Divya, I was in love with her.” – Whoa! Way to lay it all the table, Jeremiah.

Evan’s eyes growing about ten sizes when she found out that Divya told Paige about her pregnancy first.

What did you think of this episode of Royal Pains? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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