Franklin & Bash Season 3 Review “By the Numbers” – Every Bee Deserves Its Day

Franklin & Bash Season 3 Episode 5 By the Numbers (1)

In this episode of Franklin & Bash, called “By the Numbers,” the boys represent a man accused of murdering their former client, while Damien and Stanton team up to battle about bees.

Well, I still haven’t quite made up my mind about Rachel yet, but I did like that we saw a slightly different side of her in this episode. I wouldn’t have expected her to be the type of person to care about a child, much less actually have a godchild that she would go to such lengths for. Like the boys said, it’s hard to peg her as good or evil at this point and perhaps that is precisely how we’re supposed to feel about her. Maybe, as soon as the boys decide they can trust her, she’ll turn around and strike.

The case they had this week, about the numbers guy apparently killing people for their insurance policies, was pretty interesting. Though I think the most interesting part about it was the fact that they just could not wrap their heads around the fact that Wendell was popular with the ladies – especially Carmen. But there was something about him, wasn’t there? In the end, I was very happy that he didn’t do it.

As for Damien and Stanton’s case, I liked that Stanton took the time to work with his nephew so that he could check in and make sure they were okay after Rachel being hired. I do wish that all of Damien’s cases weren’t basically the comic relief – not that seeing him batting at invisible bees wasn’t funny. I do like it when he’s thrown into situations like that, but I want him to get some normal cases in there as well. The funny stuff is funnier when its mixed in with the serious.

Peter dating a woman with a child was definitely a bit of a surprise. Though I suppose they have to actually grow up at some point. I can’t wait until he meets the kid. It will be interesting to see if she likes him or hates him. It really could go either way. I mean he’s basically a big kid himself so children should love him, but he’s also dating her mom, which could mean instant hatred.

I was so happy that the boys got their shared office back in the end. Of course they work better when they’re together and anyone who can’t see that is just plain silly. Plus, now we’re bound to get more… whatever kind of play gun that was in the end… fights.

My favorite bits..

“Well, should the judge should stop it before someone gets brain damage.”

The boys deciding to surf AND ride go carts.

Whoa, hang on a minute, are they eating Twinkies!? No fair.

Peter’s reaction to finding out that Charlie had a daughter.

“It’s just the name ‘Tess.’ Does she know you call her that?”

“I should have fortune cookies.” – OMG he so should! I would totally buy them.

Death by banana? That’s just cruel.

Stanton telling the guys that he was charged with murderer three times – twice of which were false.

“What do you know about honey bees?”
“What don’t I know about honey bees?”

Rachel ordering Damien to get help from Jared and Peter. Uh oh.

Oooh.. Carmen likes Wendell! Camen likes Wendell!

The boys theorizing what they could do with Peter’s old office. Love that they found a way to be back together again.

Wow, Peter really does go all-out on a first date.

The boys having a somewhat serious conversation. while calling each other “stupid.”

Jared talking baby talk to the dog.

“Dogs can sense evil.”

Damien pointing out that tomatoes didn’t attack people. Um, hello! Did you NOT see Attack of the Killer Tomatoes??

“We got to invite him to every one of our parties.”

“Everything baffles Karp.”

“We work better when we’re not in the dark.”
“At the office.”

Poor Peter not realizing that he was wrong about the whole one-armed drummer thing.

“How was he charged with assault?”
“It was a strong one arm.”

The boys coming up with a unique way to keep in touch from their separate offices.

Damien covered in bees! Ahhhh! (Yeah, I know they were CGI, but still)

Poor Damien constantly looking over his shoulder and thinking that he was hearing buzzing.

The boys discovering that their wall had been taken down. Yes! I was just as excited as they were.

“It’s like a Jedi mind bones.” – Wait. What?

The war at the end.

What did you think of this episode of Franklin & Bash? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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