Twisted Season 1 Review “The Fest and the Furious”

Twisted Episode 5 The Fest and the Furious (5)

It’s been brewing for a while, but now Twisted’s love triangle has formed. Jo likes Danny, Danny likes Lacey and Lacey likes Danny too – and to throw in a fourth corner its possible Rico has developed a crush Jo – and absolutely everyone’s feelings are being hurt. If this was Dawson’s Creek that would all be fine, but crushes and kisses aren’t the biggest problem these teenagers have to deal with.

The Fall Fest has rolled into town and Jo’s school spirit is fighting for the surface. It might be awkward with the whole town believing Danny to be a murderer, but Jo’s loyalty won’t waver. Even Rico seems to have had enough of the drama that now follows their little gang around, and he spends the hour fighting for his bestie’s attention away from Danny. After an altercation at the market, however, Jo’s mother finally manages to get her daughter into a dress for the formal dance.

No one’s particularly happy with her choice of date, as she’s adamant about taking Danny and revisiting old childhood memories. I have to say I much prefer Danny and Jo’s chemistry to that between Danny and Lacey, so it’s a shame that their cute little date didn’t work out. She obviously has a crush on him against her better judgement, but the only person Danny’s interested in is Lacey. The kiss in the trailer wasn’t a trick of editing, and they even go back for seconds.

What’s more interesting is what comes before the kiss, however, as Lacey has found a big clue to who might have killed Regina. I really loved the opening dream sequence, revealing what Lacey’s suspicions about Danny really are, but thankfully she’s now found evidence to exonerate her old friend. An envelope of cash is found in a pile of her mom’s correspondence – which Lacey offers to sort through – and it looks as though whoever sent the money is the person who killed her.

Not that anyone would believe them right now, as even Karen is starting to doubt her son. She dithers about what to do with the necklace over the entire episode, but finally decides to throw it in the lake. She might have gotten away with it, too, if Rico hadn’t seen her do it. Seeing as Rico knows all about the necklace and its implications for Danny, I reckon it won’t be long before our newly reunited trio have another bout of suspicion pulling them apart.

My big question is: will we find out the answers before the mid-season finale, or will things drag out for longer? What did you think of the episode? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.