Warehouse 13 Season 4 Review “The Truth Hurts”

Warehouse 13 Season 4 Episode 20 The Truth Hurts (1)

Last night’s season finale of Warehouse 13 managed to capture all of the good and bad things that I’ve noted this season. I’m feeling optimistic about next season, so let’s start with the good.

Paracelsus/Sutton. It looks like Peracelsus will be coming back next season! At the end of the episode, he’s gained control of the Warehouse (more on that later) and all of its artifacts. But sadly, it looks like we’ve probably seen the end of Sutton. After one lackluster attempt to bring his brother to justice, Sutton realizes that mortality comes with some significant drawbacks – like bullet wounds. Sutton and Nick reconcile and the two head off into the sunset. Though, Sutton has to complain in parting that the Regents have given him the terrible new name, “Ned.” I kind of wish they’d named him Randy. Just as a nod to the Buffy fans. I loved seeing Anthony Head and James Marsters back on screen together. And even though Head does a fantastic job of playing a villain (like in Merlin), he will always be Giles in my heart. Which is probably why I found myself pulling for him when he did his sad, “The Regents will imprison me,” spiel.

Claudia. Once again, the only thing standing between the world and certain doom is Claudia. She figures out a way to untether Mrs. Frederick from the Warehouse in order to save her life. But as the Warehouse goes rogue under Peracelsus’ power, Claudia realizes that her caretaker connection will not let her walk away. She will have to take him on. This is a big moment since Claudia has resisted taking any real responsibility for the Warehouse’s well-being. It was not, though, her most shocking moment in the episode. As things are starting to go hell in a hand basket, Artie pulls Claudia aside. He explains that he did not get the blood that saved her from the bronzer from her brother – he got it from her sister. Claudia has long believed that her sister died alongside her parents. She is understandably hurt by Artie’s deception. A couple great things come out of this, though. I can’t wait to see Claudia’s sister next season! Artie warns Claudia that her sister is incredibly dangerous, which sets us up for a series finale conflict. I was also relieved that they didn’t make Artie her biological father. Even though she’s mad, in the final moment when Claudia chooses to stay behind with the Warehouse and pushes Artie to leave – they both dance around saying “I love you,” but the meaning is clear to both. This is a genuine parent/child relationship and it’s part of the heart of the show for me.

Now, let’s move on to the bad.

Myka. I have not liked the Myka ovarian cancer storyline since it first became obvious it wasn’t going to provide much dramatic satisfaction. At the beginning of the episode, Myka tells Pete that she needs surgery. Towards the end, she confesses that she’s had “some pain” (which we’ve never seen) and that the doctor recommends emergency surgery. She tells Pete that she wants to go to the hospital alone and Pete cries because he doesn’t want her to die. I just don’t see the point of such a heavy storyline when it really only provides emotional crumbs. The Pete/Myka tearfest didn’t do much for me, because Myka had to comfort Pete rather than the reverse. Also, she has family and friends, so I don’t understand why she’d go have major surgery alone. As for Myka’s prognosis, I’m not sure I buy Peracelsus’ claims that Myka’s cancer has spread all over and she’s going to die. If that is the case and they cure her with an artifact, that will make this the lamest show ever.

Pete. I don’t think there’s any doubt that Pete Lattimer is a moron. I’m sorry. There isn’t a nice way to put it. Everything he did in the final episode was so maddeningly stupid. Pete talks the big talk after Peracelsus is captured (after a humdrum foot chase) about how they should kill him. Who can actually picture any Warehouse agent doing that? I know people are going to say that poor Pete is distraught because of Myka and not thinking straight when he confronts Peracelsus. That doesn’t cut it for me. If you have a human lie detector on your team, why not take him with you when you interrogate the immortal alchemist? And if you’re Artie and know Pete bungles things 99% of the time, why let him go on his own to match wits against a scientific genius who has been frozen in time for hundreds of years, plotting his revenge? In thinking back to the first season of Warehouse 13, I don’t recall Pete being so incompetent. Why is it getting worse? There is a difference between being the goofy comic relief and being irritatingly inept. I’m sure they’ll try to redeem Pete next season, but for me the damage is already done. His character is just too dumb now.

I want to finish on a good note. The special effects in the finale were great. I also give bonus points for using Florence and the Machine at the end. I’m hopeful that next season will resolve some of the Pete and Myka problems that have plagued this season and can’t wait to see what kind of chaos Claudia’s sister will create.

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