Teen Wolf Season 3 “Motel California” Review – He’s baaaaaaaaaaaack!

So it is pretty clear that wolfsbane is to werewolves what acid is to humans. Last night’s episode of Teen Wolf was like the overnight school episodes from Season 1 plus Lydia’s birthday party from season 2 on crack, or in this case, on wolfsbane.

The Beacon Hills students on the bus in last week’s episode (plus Lydia and Allison) stopped at a creepy motel for an overnight stay on the way to the cross country meet, which we learned was cancelled by the episode’s end. The motel was straight out of a Hitchcock or Kubrick horror film.

Here’s a tidbit for you Teen Wolf fans, the first scene between Scott and Stiles after the opening credits was written by Dylan O’Brien. I’d say he did a pretty good job. The friends contemplated who was behind the sacrificial murders in Beacon Hills.

Stiles had finally narrowed his list down to 4 from his 9 original suspects – 10 if you figure in Stiles counting Derek twice. You’d think after all this time that Stiles would be less suspicious of Derek. I suppose Derek’s penchant for keeping things to himself makes it difficult for others to trust him.

I loved the call back to season 2 where, as Stiles aptly noted, he called Matt as the kanima master. LOL. Granted, it was hard to take Stiles’ serious when his reason for thinking Matt was controlling Jackson was “The guy bugs me. I don’t know what it is.” Regardless of the reason, Stiles totally called it.

I think Stiles is definitely right to suspect Cora. She really needs to account for her whereabouts. The Stiles/Scott conversation was the last moment of calm and normalcy over at Motel California. Here are the highlights:

– The creepy Motel California was number 1 for the most guest suicides – 198 (and counting). How exactly does one rate that feature on Trip Advisor?

– Scott caught a glimpse of his red Alpha eyes in the mirror and then went and got semi-rapey with Allison as she tried to wrap up her shower.

– As the wolfsbane started kicking the crazy into high gear, Lydia went into Sixth Sense mode. Instead of seeing dead people, she was hearing them. Lydia is quite well-adjusted for someone who has been unwillingly pulled into such dark matters. Luckily for the wolves, Lydia also had the ability to hear and sense their distress as the wolfsbane drove them to the brink of suicide.

– Like last year’s episode, Party Guessed, we got wolfsbane-induced insight into some of the characters’ fears and troubles. We’ve known all along that Isaac’s was his abusive father, but it made it no easier to watch him suffer and hide under the bed in fear. Ugh. I just want to give that sweet, precious wolf a hug.

– While Lydia was starring in her own version of The Sixth Sense, Boyd was in his own version of The Ghost in the Machine. Or in this case, the ghost in the motel’s ice machine. Looks like Boyd is harboring guilt over his sister’s death.

– Over in bow chicka wow wow town, Danny’s hot makeout session with Ethan was rudely interrupted by Ethan’s uninvited personal fears. I’m still unsure of what to make of his inner demons, which were literally trying to get out of his body.

– The most moving scene involved our beloved Teen Wolf, who was heavy with the fear and guilt over what his role as a wolf had done to Derek and will do to others he cares about. Like the good friend and brother he is, Stiles told Scott that he was not going to let him leave this world alone. Full disclosure, I teared up. The scene was beautifully acted by Dylan O’Brien and Tyler Posey. Major kudos to Posey, whose acting has really improved over the three seasons of this show.

Once the chaos was finally settled, a few things were clear: (1) wolfsbane is evil and (2) Stiles, Lydia and Allison make a pretty kick ass team. It was fun to watch the humans use their abilities to help out the wolves.

I missed Peter this week, but a little Chris Argent isn’t a shabby consolation prize. Chris is on to Allison’s late night frolics with bows, arrows and wolves. Parent/Teen Secret Rule 101 – if your parent reassures you that you can talk to them, they’re probably on to you. In this case, where the secret is dangerous and life-threatening, you might want to share it.

Chris’ investigative work led him to seek the counsel of an expert, which led to the most shocking scene of the night – Gerard is back! MOUNTAIN ASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Returning to Scott and his guilt over Derek, wouldn’t it be just lovely if Derek had told someone that he was still alive and kicking? While the members of his pack were struggling to make it out of Motel Hell in one piece, Derek was doing a little of this . . .

I’ve got more questions than answers as it pertains to Derek: (1) Why did he go to Ms. Blake? (2) Did Derek shower or replenish his electrolytes before getting down to sexy times with the teacher who appears to live in the school? (3) Will Derek take Ms. Blake’s advice and play possum? (4) Why hadn’t Cora and Peter found Derek yet? (5) Is Derek’s impeded healing related to Scott’s apparent ascendancy to an Alpha? (6) Did Ms. Blake mention something about a first date when she thought Derek was dying? (7) Why was she cuddling with Derek if she thought he was dying? (8) Do Ms. Blake’s hugs and cuddles heal?

As Derek opened up to Ms. Blake, the similarities of his inner struggles with those of Scott’s really resonated. I wish these two were a little closer. They really need each other.

Another funny callback to a previous Teen Wolf episode took place between Stiles and (Vernon) Boyd. Fans will recall that Stiles’ winning method for getting food unstuck in a vending machine culminated in him turning the entire vending machine over.

Random point – Ethan, give Stiles and Lydia credit for saving your butt! They really didn’t have much reason to do so, considering you’ve tried to kill their friends on several occasions. You could take a few lessons in kindness from Danny. Hmph!

What an AMAZING episode. I hope Scott went home, told his mother he loved her and immediately placed Star Wars in his Netflix queue. What did you think of this week’s episode? Sound off below!

Until next Moon Day, fellow Teen Wolf fans!