Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Review “Gamma Zeta Die!”

Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 5 Gamma Zeta Die! (8)

In the latest episode of “Pretty Little Liars”, we got another piece of the puzzle, and as per usual, it only raised more questions than it answered. In the amusingly-titled “Gamma Zeta Die!” we saw a college sorority that Alison may have interacted with somehow. Was that her in the picture at the end? Did she pose as a college student once upon a time? Hard to say, but that “panic room” sure was creepy-looking, what with those fingernail scratches on that ominous-looking door and the weird switches and dials outside of it.

Granted, Spencer’s discovery of it was a bit random and somewhat dubious, but I guess it was a necessary evil to do it that way. Otherwise, how would we have gotten that information, really? We also know that there was a former house mother by the name of Carla Grunwald at the sorority that engaged in some shady behavior, and looked like a stern German dominatrix, complete with that sizable paddle on the wall at her disposal. (Cue the: “Thank you, ‘mam, may I have another?”) Did Ali get a hold of someone she couldn’t handle?

Obviously, it’s way too soon to speculate, but if I had to guess, I would say that the “panic room” is actually a hazing room. That process can be a bit frightening, depending on who you’re dealing with, so I can certainly see someone flipping out about it, to the point that they had to be dragged in there. Some sorority and frat houses have a habit of getting out of control in that department, so you can see things going awry there.

Also going heavily awry were the girls in general. I mean, don’t the girls know enough not to be creeping around the woods alone by now? Look where it got them- pretty much every time something bad happened, right? This was certainly no different, as Hanna got full-on busted trying to bury her mom’s stashed away evidence, a gun which may or may not have been used to kill Wilden. Whatever the case, it was bad enough that Ashley retained a lawyer in Veronica Hastings. Now, in typical “PLL” fashion, Hanna just made it infinitely worse, getting arrested in the process. Nice going there, sweetie.

Beyond that, not a lot happened in terms of forward momentum, but we did get some wonderfully wrought dialogue, stuffed to the brim with in-joke references. Spencer, in particular, was on fire in this department, referencing “Hufflepuff” from the “Harry Potter” series, “Lord of the Rings” (“You shall not pass!”), “Britney Shears” (see what they did there?), and “Game of Thrones” damn near in one fell swoop. Can you imagine her doing the speech she mentioned? Cue the nerd swooning in 3, 2, 1…

My favorite part was the bit where the nerd in the “Shut your Pi-hole” shirt (so excellent) told Spencer she had crazy eyes. “They’re not that crazy!” she implored. “They’re crazy enough,” said he, and he ain’t never lied because they subsequently made an appearance and he gave up the goods- at least in part, as he “wanted to give the poor bastard a fighting chance,” LOL. We also saw them when she and Emily got into it later on in the show. I would not want to be on that girl’s bad side. Emily better watch herself!

Also funny was Spencer’s reaction to the news that Melissa was in London, which, according to her was “beautiful but very cold.” Without missing a beat, Spencer retorted “Sounds like a perfect match.” Guess there’s no love lost there after last week’s events. God, I love Spencer. What a great character!

Speaking of characters, what did you make of Brendan, the college admissions guy? He seemed harmless enough at first, but got a bit aggressive with Emily later on, when he changed into college guy, looking like someone who was rejected from Weezer for being too creepy. Could he have been involved in some of the iffy doings at Cicero?

We also saw a number of faces we haven’t seen in some time, including Aria’s family members Byron, her dad and Mike, her brother. She and the later got into it pretty heavily, warranting the amusing hash tag “AriaVsMike,” which made me laugh, I must admit. Sometimes those things are distracting, but that was pretty funny, as was Mike’s comment about Aria “boffing” her teacher.

Whatever the case, that was nice of Byron to tell Ella to go on her trip. Lord knows the woman could use a vacation, not in the least after getting attacked by bees to boot! (That is one wacky way to go after someone, “A”.) The question is, will she make it out of town in one piece, or will “A” go after her again?

That was about it, for the most part. I felt for poor Emily, who just dreams of going to a little college in a “Podunk town,” as Spencer called it. It would seem that her parents would be able to afford at least a smallish college like that, especially if Emily got financial aid, which I can’t imagine she’d have trouble with. Either way, it was nice seeing her finally stand up to the bossy Spencer, who was in full Nancy Drew mode this week.

I should also give a shout-out to director Mick Garris. I’ve always enjoyed his genre work, especially his adaptation of “The Stand” and “Bag of Bones,” both Stephen King novels. True, some of his stuff is a bit iffy, i.e. that “Shining” remake and “Critters 2”– but by and large, he’s been a pretty solid horror director, so he fit right in here, with the episode’s “Psycho”-style attic lighting and the “Friday the 13th”-ish chase in the woods.

What did you think of “Pretty Little Liars” this week? Were you intrigued by the college stuff? What do you think actually went down there? Did Ali pose as a student there? Did she get into something she couldn’t handle? What about Brendan? Was he involved somehow? How about this Grunwald? Feel free to post your crazy theories below!