King & Maxwell Season 1 Review “Loved Ones”

King & Maxwell Episode 5 Loved Ones (3)

By involving the family members of one of our own, this week should really have been the moment when King & Maxwell came into its own. Sadly, while the story was a good one to draw us further in to caring about these characters, the rest of the episode just wasn’t up to scratch. The guest stars weren’t good, the acting was patchy, and the plotting was needlessly confusing at times.

That said, I did enjoy the focus on Sean this week, and how delving into his own dark past distanced him from Michelle. We got the usual snarky exchanges and humorous encounters at the beginning of the episode, but things quickly turned more serious when they realise someone is targeting family members of former secret service agents. That’s specifically King’s unit, as two attacks hit former comrades of King on a mysterious mission in Mexico. With Sean preferring to deal with it alone, it’s Michelle’s job to uncover the truth.

The relationship is tested to some extent, but the fact that Sean is still exchanging witty quips with Michelle not ten minutes after a friend is blown up really took the power out of the situation. It’s as if the writers think we’ll get bored if that damn cheerful music stops playing for more than one scene at a time, and the biggest shame is that the viewers probably wouldn’t mind at all. I know I wouldn’t. I wish this episode was more serious for more of its running time, in fact, and that we get more backstory on King and Maxwell’s relationship before it’s tested again.

We did get some more Benny this week, but her screen time was minimal. If my wish for an ensemble crime-fighting team is to be granted, I guess I’ll have to wait a little longer, but for now a woman on the street will no doubt prove useful to many an investigation. I do wonder what all of the fighting over Edgar will eventually do to their existing unit, however, and hope that he stands up to them next time they use him to fight amongst each other. Michelle, especially, spoke to him like a child when she wanted information, and it looked as if Edgar knew that what she was telling him with rubbish.

The episode did prove useful in the long term when it introduced us to Bob Scott, one of Sean’s unit on the protection detail gone wrong. Edgar has been looking into the surveillance footage from every angle, and instantly noticed that Scott’s eyes were ‘wrong’ at the moment of the shooting. Could this mean he is an enemy, even if he wasn’t the one targeting agents this week? He certainly seemed shifty for a man with nothing to hide, and I wonder whether he thought Sean was down in the sewer for a whole other reason.

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