Discovery Channel and Scott Free Productions Developing Second Original Mini-Series


The folks over the Discovery Channel have ordered a second original scripted mini-series about Scotland’s fight for independence from English rule in the 13th century that will be produced by none other than Scott Free Productions, the same production company behind the network’s other upcoming original scripted mini-series ‘Klondike’.

This second new mini-series, however, is yet untitled; but will chronicle William Wallace and Robert the Bruce’s bloody campaign for Scotland’s independence and is based on historical books by Nigel Tranter, including The Wallace and The Bruce Trilogy. As movie goers will recall, Wallace was portrayed by actor Mel Gibson in the 1995 box office film ‘Braveheart’.

This Discovery Channel mini-series will focus on historical fact in which “King Edward I of England invaded Scotland and imposed English rule. His reign over Scotland was never peaceable and Scottish discontent was widespread. In 1297, the country erupted in an open revolt as national resistance developed into a war of independence during which William Wallace and Robert Bruce played leading roles. Wallace spearheaded Scotland’s offensive against the English and his martyrdom paved the way for eventual success. Since his death at the hands of the English in 1305, Wallace gained worldwide rock-star status in some circles and has been the subject of numerous literary works and some stabs at dramatization. Robert the Bruce, Scotland’s “hero-king” was descended from Scots, Gaelic and English nobility. His grandfather, Robert Bruce ‘The Competitor’, was one of the claimants to the Scottish throne and Robert the Bruce tirelessly fought for Scotland’s independence from England through the reigns of Edward I and Edward II”.

Renowned director/producer Ridley Scott and producer David W. Zucker, from Scott Free Productions, will serve as executive producers on the Discovery Channel mini-series, which has yet to be given an official airdate let alone production commencing as yet.

[Source: Deadline]