Defiance Season 1 Review “Everything is Broken”

Defiance (Syfy) Episode 11 Past Is Prologue (1)

On the season finale of “Defiance”, the show certainly lived up to the hyperbole of last week’s sneak preview, as there was indeed plenty of stuff going down on the aptly-titled “Everything is Broken”. Fair warning, everyone: here there be spoilers, so if you haven’t watched the finale yet, come back later when you have.

Alright, let’s dig in, shall we? Lots of good stuff here, lots of developments and, to be sure, lots to mull over during the show’s hiatus until next year. For some, there will be the videogame, at least, but for the rest of us…it’s gonna be a long wait.

First up, we had Stahma giving herself away via…sex? Yes, friends and neighbors, Stahma may be the first wife in history that got busted cheating because she learned a new trick in the bedroom, and her husband enjoyed it, but also recognized it because he’d enjoyed it so much with another woman, who just so happens to be his regular hooker. Yikes!

Forced to redeem herself or be cast out, she attempted to fool Kenya into thinking she was running away with her, but in reality, she met up with her to poison her, which she successfully managed to do, by outthinking the savvy girl at her own game, and putting the poison on the outside of the flask she offered her instead of inside it, knowing she’d never go for the ruse. She thought right, and I guess that will be the last we hear of Kenya, which is too bad. I think she knew it was coming, judging by her last meet-up with her sister, who, as expected, lost to Datak in the election.

That, of course, meant that the Earth Republic was now in control, and they certainly wasted no time in taking charge of things, seizing the mines while Datak was still celebrating at his party, much to his chagrin. He confronted the General about it afterwards, only to realize all too late he’d made a deal with the devil. Not exactly helping his cause was his typical flying off the handle, which resulted in his killing the General, adding yet another casualty to the list. Looks like his reign as Defiance’s mayor will be decidedly short-lived, as the ER was busting in his office before he’d had the chance to hide the body.

Meanwhile, Nolan finally tracked Irisa down to an I-Rath camp, where she was attempting to help Sukar, who was all but dead to the world. Unfortunately, he got there too late, as the ER showed up soon after, the Doc in tow, and forced Irisa to give herself up in order to save her people, including Tommy, who was caught as well. Off they went, but they made a dire mistake in not killing Nolan, who handily killed the guard they left behind and went after her.

We also discovered that the ER may have been after the mines, but that the General and his team were after something bigger- the Kaziri, aka the Votan ship that has the ability to wipe out the aliens wholesale, or the humans, for that matter. Thanks to the Doc, they figured out that Irisa was the key to it all, but she had one ace up her sleeve in that she knew Irisa had the means to protect herself and they didn’t. As Irisa did just that during an operation to try and remove the keys, Nolan and Co. burst in and seized the camp.

And they would have gotten away with it, too, if it weren’t for that dastardly “Black” Jonah, who had the makings of a cool villain, but ended up dead as well. (I’d be interested to know if he figured into the game before he did the show, as I heard the General did previously.) Just for good measure, he took poor Nolan with him, which was decidedly unexpected. Though it certainly would have been a bold move to take out the lead character in the first season finale, I’m ultimately glad that ended up being a fake-out of sorts, as the show wouldn’t be the same without Nolan anchoring it.

As much as I hate to see Kenya go, and as solid a villain as the General (and perhaps Jonah as well) was, the show can still function without them. Nolan, on the other hand…not so much. We kind of need him for the show to be what it is, if that makes any sense. We’ve experienced most of it through his eyes, so getting rid of him would have been a mistake, not to mention it would have left the show without a hero, even if Nolan was always more of an anti-hero than a more straight-forward one.

Therefore, we got the deus ex machina that was the Kaziri, which “promised” Irisa via a little Irathient girl posing as Irzu (aka the I-Rath version of God, making this quite literally a “God from the machine,” as translated from the above term) that she could bring Nolan back for a price: her giving up everything. Oh, is that it? Well, sign me up for that!

Irisa did just that, first offering up the two “keys” embedded inside her, then jumping into the abyss herself, with unknown results, save that, true to “her” word, Nolan was indeed resurrected from the dead. Nolan recognized right away that Irisa had done something she shouldn’t have, but never got a chance to find out what, as he woke up (or whatever) to the sounds of the ER taking over the town altogether. Nice going, Datak!

So, it was as satisfying a conclusion as one could hope for, IMHO. Lots of action, lots of wrapping up of storylines, and everything came to just enough of a conclusion to leave the viewer wanting more. True, perhaps the show slightly overplayed its hand by killing both the General and Jonah, leaving the show without a main villain, between that and killing Nicky and Co. early on in the show’s season. (Yes, there’s still Olfin, but she wasn’t quite as formidable as the rest, let’s be honest.)

If I had to predict what will happen in the immediate future of the show, I’d say Amanda would be installed as the mayor again, in lieu of Datak’s being arrested for killing the General. However, she will be ultimately powerless under the circumstances, what with the ER having taken over. What’s more, she’ll be rocked by the revelation that her sister is dead as well, unless Stahma pulled a fast one and simply drugged Kenya instead of killing her, but I doubt that. I think she simply chose her husband over Kenya, plain and simple, and got her just deserts for doing so, when she discovered what Datak had done.

Datak will go to jail, of course, and perhaps be in line to be executed, but I suspect his wife may get him out somehow, or if they arrest her too for being there at the scene of the crime, then perhaps Alak will help them escape. Meanwhile, Nolan will track down Irisa- or vice versa- and the two will conspire to get rid of the ER presence somehow. I assume it will involve using Irisa’s newfound weapon, whatever that is exactly.

That’s all I’ve got so far, but feel free to chime in with your own predictions below! To that end, what did you think of the “Defiance” finale? How about the season as a whole? What was your favorite episode? How about your favorite moment or moments? Who was your favorite character? Let me know below, and hopefully, I’ll see you next season!

Thanks for reading!