Warehouse 13 Stars Eddie McClintock and Joanne Kelly Discuss Season 4 Finale and Season 5

Warehouse 13 Season 4 Episode 14 The Sky's the Limit (3)

With the fourth season drawing to a close, and the fifth, and final, season of Warehouse 13 already in production, there is a lot to talk about with the artifact scooping team. Fortunately, TV Equals got the chance to sit in on a conference call with stars Eddie McClintock and Joanne Kelly (EP Jack Kenny joined later) to discuss the wrap up to season 4 and some general nuggets from the upcoming final season.

Preparing for scenes involving Myka’s cancer

McClintock and Kelly were both asked about handling scenes related to Myka’s cancer. Both actors indicated that they didn’t think about it too much and just tried to stay in the moment. McClintock added he acted exactly like he would if Kelly had told him she had cancer. Considering the strong bond the two actors seem to share, McClintock said it was easy to get into that mindset.

Will Myka’s cancer be a major storyline going forward?

Without going into too many details, Kenny said that Myka’s cancer won’t play a huge role in the final season. “We’re not going to focus the last six episodes on someone having a fatal disease,” Kenny said. “The last six episodes are about moving forward in the life.” Kenny discussed general plans for the final season, including a Big Bad, that they chose to focus on instead of Myka’s cancer.

What to look for next season

“All the things you’ve come to expect from the show, it’s going to be compressed into six episodes,” Kenny said. In the six episode final season, Kenny said there are going to be two standalone episodes, the season will be laden with artifacts, and there will be big story ideas. Kenny went on to say that Syfy told him “Anything you’ve ever wanted to do, go ahead and do it.” As a result, McClintock, Kelly, and Kenny sounded very confident that the final season would be very satisfying for viewers.

How the final season informed the end of season four

Because of the short nature of the final season, Kenny said he wanted to wrap up any cliffhangers at the beginning of the final season. He said they’ve got 5 big story ideas they want to get to and any cliffhangers would stand in the way of them telling those stories. As a result, they decided to wrap up the season 4 cliffhangers very early into the start of season 5.

Returning characters for the final season

When asked about returning guest stars for the final six episodes, Kenny mentioned Jaime Murray will return as H.G. Wells. Kelly Hu will also be back as Abigail Cho, and Rene Auberjonois will return as Hugo Miller. Kenny also teased a big surprise guest star for the final season, but refused to elaborate further.

What will they miss the most?

As is the case when any show ends, the group was asked what they will miss the most after the show is over. “Coming to work to see my friends,” McClintock said. “These people have become my family. I know it’s cliché, but I really mean it.” Kelly added: “We’ve all been here for 6 years. It’s become a huge part of my life. To wake up and not see them everyday is going to weird.” For Kenny, the thought of not getting to work with these actors is going to be hard: “I’m going to miss this kind of talent to work with. You can throw anything at them and they’re ready to do anything.”