True Blood Season 6 “At Last” Review

After last night’s episode of True Blood, I have officially transitioned to what I like to describe as “hate watching.” It’s that point in a television series when you’d like to be completely done with it, but you’ve invested so much time you figure you ought to see how the whole thing ends. Despite this proclamation, I’ll try to take the compliment sandwich approach to reviewing this episode.

I liked the sight of Niall blasting Nora to parts unknown. Before riding out into the darkness on a blast of fae light, Nora divulged some very interesting information about Warlow being the only one who can take down Lillith. It’s still unclear how or even if it is possible to rid Bon Temps of Lillith without Bill meeting the true death. I’m indifferent about Bill’s survival, but it would be weird to imagine True Blood without him. At least we know at some point that at least all or some of these divergent storylines will come together.

It is always good to spend some on-screen time with the grossly underutilized Lafayette, Terry and Arlene. It was funny to learn that Bellefleurs 1-4 had not napped since they were 3-years-old, which I’m guessing could have been no more than a day.

Thank you director of this week’s episode for the vision of shirtless Jason doing pull-ups.

On to the second layer, i.e., things I didn’t like so much:

– To begin, I’d like to dedicate the following clip from 30 Rock to last night’s episode of True Blood. It was worthy of the Liz Lemon eye roll masterpiece.

– Was it just me or were there a few things tonight that seemed to contradict what we’ve learned regarding the True Blood canon? To begin, I always had the impression that a maker had to spend an extended period of time with his baby vamp before they emerged from their dirt nap. I’m pretty sure that Tara and Pam spent at least a night underground together, as I recall LaLa and Sookie stocking up on True Blood drinks during the day. With that in mind, how was it possible for Eric to turn Willa around so quickly? Perhaps a vampire of his age has a microwave-like ability to turn new vamps around quicker than others. Even if that’s the case, I thought the point warranted some explanation.

– Although I understand that the Bellefleur quadruplets are half fae and thus, more tempting to Jessica I can’t understand why she just sat in the floor doing nothing instead of offering her own blood to the girls. Maybe that will happen next week?

– I appreciate that the True Blood writers did not make us wait an entire season to learn Warlow’s identity, however, I’m declaring shenanigans on everything else relating to this silly storyline. I speculated from episode 1 that Ben was Warlow, but as many of you all pointed out it was just too spot on. Figuring that Ben was too obvious, I suspected that he was not someone to be trusted. There are so many questions I have about this whole Ben is Warlow reveal, but I know most of them will never get a sufficient answer on this show. For therapeutic purposes, I’ve got to vent a few here: (1) Why was no one more suspicious of the random guy that just showed up in Bon Temps? (2) Am I really supposed to believe that after spending decades chasing Warlow, Niall had no sense that Ben was off? (3) Niall can see the past in blood, but couldn’t tell that Ben had a little vamp in him? We’d just seen previously in this episode that the Bellefleur 4 could smell that something was off in Jessica. (4) Although Ben is only half vamp, shouldn’t Niall have super spidey senses or something?

Perhaps this is a red herring and Ben isn’t Warlow. Meh, I don’t care either way.

– Niall claims he’s been watching after Jason. If this is true, shouldn’t he know that Jason is brave yet dim-witted? If you’re trying to take out a super fae/vamp, is Jason really the one you take with you for backup? Jason did nothing wrong, but if Niall has really been looking after him he should’ve known better.

– If we never see Niall again, Rutger Hauer will join Chris Meloni as one of the most wasted guest appearances on True Blood.

– How dumb is Willa? Yes, Eric is dreamy, attractive and appears to be an excellent sucker of fingers, but had she known him long enough to think that he had some “special” reason for turning her? I don’t think so. That’s not naive, that’s just stupid – even by Bon Temps standards. Granted, I do find it interesting that Eric has only turned one other vampire – Pam.

– I haven’t been closely following the passage of time over the first few episodes of this season, but I think it’s safe to say that it hasn’t been a week since Luna died. In the short amount of time since Luna’s death, Sam has already moved on to another woman who is nothing but trouble.

– I’d like to kindly request that Ben shove the former Mrs. Steve Newlin in that same vortex to no man’s land in which he put Niall. And as much as I love Sam, I’d rather watch him go into the vortex than keep watching him do this same stupid dance with needy, annoying women.

– I’m over Alcide, his pack and all things pack-related.

Okay, rant over. That feels better. Now for the last layer of the compliment sandwich . . .

It was great to see Andy and Jason paired up again. Of course, I’m also glad that Jason is better. It’s Ben’s one positive contribution to this cluster. I’m also interested in seeing Pam’s reaction to the newest addition to the Northman family.

Sookie was a ray of light – both literally and figuratively – in what I found to be a frustrating exercise in television watching. The final scene on the couch with Barlow was my favorite moment of the episode. At last someone is using their brains on this show.

Random question – Sookie had two plates of food. Why didn’t she just eat with Ben? I know he was late, but her response did not suggest that she ate without him.

Okay True Blood fans, what’s your take on this week’s episode? Sound off below!