The White Queen Season 1 Episode 4 Review

White Queen 1x04

After Isobel’s ordeal on last week’s The White Queen, the older Neville sister takes a backseat, leaving room for younger sibling Anne to step in and ‘play her part’. Married off to the son of Warwick and Edward’s former enemy, the original King Henry, she’s been stripped of all of the fight we saw in her in the previous weeks, and now the monarchy is essentially back where it started, though this time on Warwick’s own terms and with his daughter as queen.

So Elizabeth and Edward have been overthrown and are now sitting ducks despite finally producing an heir. Elizabeth has been forced to flee to Westminster Abbey with her two sons and three daughters, before an unfortunately-timed birth makes the children count up to six. Brother George’s allegiances have become ambiguous through the sincere extension of a hand from Edward and this, of course, also involves Isobel. The women in The White Queen are played like pawns more than ever, with only Margaret coming out on top after her own dose of torment regarding son Henry.

The complicated thrown-swapping and power play isn’t helped by the men of the story only having two names (there are two Henrys and three Edwards) between them, but this is one area where historical fact can’t be helped I suppose. At least there was so huge time-jump between the miscarriage and the marriage of Anne, as the sting of failure still touches Warwick and George enough to make their actions understandable. Despite one of Warwick’s plans working out for once, however, an heir for Edward and an epiphany of sorts for young Henry Tudor will obviously put a spanner in the works.

With the frequency of weddings, coronations and births in the series, many important historical figures are met each week, but the most notable addition to the cast this week is Margaret of Anjou, mother of Anne’s new hubby, Edward. We’ve heard of her previously during Isobel and Anne’s cheerful gossiping about The Mad Queen and her psychopath son, and I guess those preceding conversations add weight to Anne’s horrible current predicament. As her mother tells her, she has now power over her own fate, and that seems to be the case for most of The White Queen’s ladies in week four.

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