Falling Skies Season 3 Review “Be Silent & Come Out”

Falling Skies Season 3 Episode 6 Be Silent And Come Out (1)

On the latest episode of “Falling Skies”, we had the somewhat inevitable treading of water as things came to a head with the Hal situation in the oddly-titled “Be Silent & Come Out”. I mean, don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t a terrible episode or anything, it was just…well, let’s just say we’ve been down this road before already this season, notably on “Badlands”, which also featured a stand-off between the good guys and the “bad guys” who were hidden away amongst the rubble of buildings- and who also turned out to essentially be “good guys” in disguise, as it were.

Of course, the big difference here was that before it was some random soldiers that we didn’t really know beforehand, and here, it was one of the main characters, Hal, that had gone rogue, holding his own father at gunpoint, after his brain somewhat short-circuited when Tom agreed to wait 24 hours before going after Anne and his baby. Apparently, that didn’t sit well with Hal’s alien overlords, as he went off the rails and tried to force Tom to leave, only to get cornered after Maggie and others realized trouble was afoot and stopped him.

Now, was this scenario more intense, as it was some of our main characters at stake? Sure. But, that said, it was still a bit of a letdown, as it didn’t really shed light on much of anything, save that it revealed to everyone else what we’ve known as viewers for some time: that Hal had been compromised. Factor in the fact that it seemed unlikely that they’d kill off any of the main characters, and it seemed a bit predictable what the outcome would be.

I’ll allow that the show’s been on long enough that it isn’t completely out of the question that they might have killed off at least one of Tom’s sons, so it wasn’t without some tension overall. Still, though, for the most part, it didn’t feel like a lot was ultimately accomplished, with no real forward momentum, save getting the bug out of Hal finally.

That said, the de-bugging operation was pretty intense and somewhat cringe-worthy, with some cool effects. I also kept having these insane moments where I was all like “Dr. Carter, get in there!” “Jeanie, help him out, stat!” Obviously, that didn’t happen, but for one hot minute, I was like, crossover! Thankfully, Anne taught Lourdes well and she was able to do her thing and save Hal, after the alien thingee stopped his heart and she had to resuscitate. (See, I learned things from “ER” too!)

I also got a kick out of Pope’s typically Pope reaction of taking bets as to what the outcome of all this would be. And, of course, Weaver’s subsequent rebuttal when he found out and warned him that if anyone tried to “affect the odds” that “I will personally mount your head on the wall of this establishment.” Now that would be something to see! (Bonus points to Pope for his line: “If you see any funny business, you take the comedy right out of it” to one of this henchmen.)

Beyond that, not much else got my attention. It was all pretty straight-forward and just okay at best. While I’ll allow that they have already killed off a few people this season, some of which were regulars, I feel like the show needs one big loss before the end of the season to get our attention and that it should be one of the sons, quite frankly. After all, Tom managed to save all three for this long. It’s perhaps inevitable that one of them would meet their maker before too long, and let’s face it, that’s one death that would sting, regardless of which son it is.

Not that every show needs to wipe out half its cast in one fell swoop- like a certain other show I could name, but won’t- but you know what I mean. You’ve got to keep the stakes high on a show like this, or it starts to get a bit stale, quite frankly. And there’s been an awful lot of back-and-forth this season without any of it really going forward. Sure, they’ve kept the action coming, but I’d like a bit more in terms of what’s going on with the aliens and what’s up with the weapon (or whatever that thing is) or so on. Maybe an entire episode from the aliens’ point-of-view might be interesting.

This season hasn’t been awful, and like I said, it’s relatively action-packed, but something seems out of whack, and I can’t quite put my finger on it what that is. Maybe one of you can in the comments section! All I know is that we’ve only got four episodes left, and I’d like there to be some real developments in terms of story and the plot moving ahead in a big way. “Falling Skies” hasn’t completely lost me yet, but we definitely need a big finish or I might not be onboard for another season, to be honest.

What do you think? What could be done to improve “Falling Skies” next season? How would you like to see this season end? Do you think they should take out a major character? What did you make of Tom resigning as President? Are you onboard with Peralta as his replacement? What do you think that “weapon” is, if, in fact, it even is a weapon? Sound off on this and more below!