Devious Maids Season 1 Review “Wiping Away the Past”

You know what? This is just a fun show, I have to say. I went into “Devious Maids” not expecting much, but it continues to not only hold my interest but amuse me to no end. It kind of makes me wonder if I shouldn’t have given “Desperate Housewives” a better shot. (The same guy, Marc Cherry, created both shows.) I mean, don’t get me wrong, I watched it for a hot minute there, but after the initial case was solved, I kind of lost interest. I feel like, with “Devious Maids”, that even after they do solve the main mystery, it will still be a fun show.

Of course, a lot can go wrong over the course of a given show, so we’ll see, but until then, I kind of like it. The writing is clever, the characters are interesting, and the show has just enough twists and turns to keep you guessing. I especially like how it constantly and consistently goes in a different direction than you think it will.

For instance, the situation with the Delatours, led by a superb Susan Lucci, who is just killing it as Genevieve. I liked the character detail that was revealed in that her maid, Zoila, and her brother, Henri, used to be an item and she accidentally messed it up by introducing him to his then-future wife, breaking poor Zoila’s heart in the process. It explained why she was so against her daughter getting involved with Remi- and also cleverly planted the seed that there might be some underlying relationship there- i.e. what if Henri is Valentina’s actual father, and that’s the real reason Zoila doesn’t want her involved with Remi?

Whatever the case, it was full-on priceless to see Lucci in the “hood”, trying to track down Zoila. That scene with her and the guys working on the car (nice car, BTW- it looked a bit like another famous car I know…) was worth its weight in gold. Lucci just cracks me up for whatever reason. They really couldn’t have cast her part better.

But what really got my attention was the nuttiness involving the idle rich, specifically the Powells, who we got some super-juicy reveals about. It would seem that Adrian is in the habit of hiring prostitutes to seduce his friends without their knowledge at his house, so that he can watch them get busy through a two-way mirror, also without their knowledge! What the what?

What’s more, his wife knows all about it, and isn’t too thrilled. As if that weren’t enough, one of his former working girls is none other than Taylor- and her husband’s ex, Olivia, knows all about it. This forces Taylor to tell him, and he reacts by wanting them to move to New York to avoid the inevitable fallout such a revelation will cause.

This, of course, won’t do for Marisol, so she has to pull some fast moves to ensure that they stay, especially when she discovers that another of the call girls was none other than Flora, who served as Adrian’s personal stash, once again with his wife’s full knowledge, though she made it clear in the pilot that that whole situation was going to have to stop. It did, obviously, but probably not in the way she expected, what with Flora ending up dead. Or did it? It’s entirely possible, after all, that Evelyn hired someone to kill Flora, while giving herself a perfect alibi.

I really find all of this fun and interesting, if more than a little perverse, admittedly. Certain types of shows and movies about the idle rich get on my nerves, but I do tend to like it when they lean hard into the seamier side of things, i.e. “Cruel Intentions” or its inspiration “Dangerous Liaisons”. “Devious Maids” is just trashy enough to qualify, and definitely in a good way. It’s like the TV- show equivalent of a good beach read, you know? And I do mean that as a compliment.

I mean, granted, they’re not exactly re-inventing the wheel here, but it is a lot of fun, and with original shows in short supply, and reality shows all over the place (and I freaking HATE reality shows), much like the maids that the show centers around, it gets the job done. I do almost feel like it should be a limited run kind of thing, though. Just tell the story you have to tell, and get while the getting’s good, you know? I can’t imagine it taking more than three seasons, tops, and even that may be pushing it a bit.

Until then, assuming the show makes it that far, it should be a fun ride if these first few episodes are any indication. The cast is fun, the various plots are intriguing, and the central mystery is involving enough to hold your attention. What more do you want in a summer show, really?

What did you think of “Devious Maids” this week? Did you get a kick out of Lucci’s antics, too? What did you make of the Powells’ shady business? Were you disappointed in the situation with Carmen? Where do you think the thing with Rosie and her employer is headed? (That scene with the gardener was also pretty priceless.) Will Taylor be found out? How will everyone that doesn’t know react? Sound off on this and more down below!