Copper Season 2 Review “The Children of the Battlefield”

Copper Season 2 Episode 3 The Children of the Battlefield (3)

I was skeptical that the Morehouse/Haverford wedding was actually going to take place, and I was proven wrong. The two tied the knot in what can only described as a shabby, disastrous wedding. Corcoran was supposed to be Morehouse’s best man, but didn’t bother to show up, the wedding was small and lackluster, and Elizabeth wore one of the ugliest dresses ever made (see above). After the pronouncement of “husband and wife,” I thought the worst might be over. Not so. Elizabeth got drugged up and confessed her involvement with the Confederacy. Needless to say, that didn’t go so well and drove Morehouse straight into the arms of a prostitute.

I was glad that Elizabeth’s duplicity was finally revealed. There is something about her character this season that is just rubbing me wrong. I’m starting to think that she and Annie were really perfect for one another. It might have been more interesting if the child had stayed with her instead of going to Corcoran’s home. They need to decide what direction they want to go in with Elizabeth’s character. Currently, she’s in this weird limbo where she’s not adding a whole lot to the story development.

There was another significant denouement as Corcoran figured out who was behind the murder of the young boys. Turned out that the ne’er do well father of the two missing boys was in on the action. He was part of a scheme to kidnap young boys and force them to join the Union army. I liked the twist that the father was involved. I wasn’t expecting that, and it was great to see him get his comeuppance. I wasn’t as huge of a fan of the Union army twist. Again, I think because we never see the war, it feels very abstract and disconnected from the rest of the story. I’d rather see Corcoran and the other police officers focus on truly local crimes and plots. This new plot with the counterfeit money is more interesting than the goings on of an unseen military conflict.

The counterfeit plot also sets up a critical conflict between Corcoran and Maguire. As I mentioned last week, Corcoran needs a nemesis. It looks like Maguire is the best we’re going to get on that at the moment. Maguire sealed his position as a significant baddie by knifing a poor young police officer in the street. The implication was that he was going to go after Corcoran, but it was smarter for him not to do so. The last thing he needs at the moment is to be back on Corcoran’s radar. I’m curious on whether Maguire has truly given up on Ellen. I have a feeling those two will be hooking up again before the season ends.

There was one part of the episode that I thought wove in the historical context of the time particularly well. Sara decided that she couldn’t live in the shadow of the light post from which her two brothers were hung. She goes after the light post with an ax, clearly not the best tool to bring down a large metal object. It was touching, though, when Matthew and the other African Americans in their neighborhood spontaneously came together and tore the thing down. The light post was a symbol of oppression, murder, and prejudice, so to see it taken down was immensely satisfying.

We’re a couple episodes in and it doesn’t feel like we have a clear direction yet for where the season is going. That’s starting to concern me. I’d like to see more of Corcoran’s sarcastic side and funny scenes like when Corcoran hopped in bed with Morehouse. I get that Five Points is oppressive, dirty, and dangerous. But, I’d like the lawman to have a bit more levity to balance that out.

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