Continuum Season 2 Review “Seconds”

Continuum 2x09

There are certainly no easy answers to the mysteries of Continuum, demonstrated more than ever by the philosophical ponderings of Kiera and co. in episode nine, ‘Seconds’. After a two week break, the show is back and heading towards another fantastic finale. Julian is the focus of the episode as he is given his freedom, only to quickly face an assassination attempt that injures his mother instead.

I’m fond of Julian if only because his presence as a villainous force on the show puts Alec in a seriously ambiguous position on the line between ‘good’ and ‘evil’. He has a loyalty to Keira and an awareness of his own dubious future, but he also can’t shed the familial connection he has to Julian, no matter what he’s involved in. I guess this is the same problem the pair faced in the Keira-less timeline, even if both realities will likely result in them at odds with each other. These questions are what sets Continuum apart from other similar shows, and I’m glad they haven’t been forgotten.

We start the episode with a glimpse at the particularly brutal ‘automated’ legal system, and watch a woman on trial for unpaid debts stripped of her citizenship via a chip in her head and given a life sentence of factory-style service. The chips implanted in prisoners (and, crucially, manufactured by SadTech) have created the perfect workforce, devoid of their humanity. Seeing the vicious and unforgiving process at the start of the episode colors our perception of the end, when we witness Julian’s stand against the system – remembered by the rest of society as a brutal massacre.

So the problem that’s been plaguing us since the start re-emerges – is Keira really our hero, and don’t Liber8 and their cohorts kind of have a point? Terrorism is bad. Murder is bad. But the message behind their actions make a certain kind of sense at times. It’s difficult to root for Kiera at times, since she was an integral part in her world’s flawed systems, and all too easy to sympathize with Julian, Alec and the rest of Liber8 from week to week. The first season finale’s attack realigned our moral compass to match Kiera’s, but now the same doubts are creeping into my mind.

And Keira shares my feelings, wondering whether her actions – almost killing Julian in an attempt to save the lives of future victims – are the thing to push him over the edge. Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey. Since he has now returned to Travis’ cult group it’s possible that she was right, but it’s also possible that his message could have changed. He has some idea of his future destiny, in which he’s a powerful leader, and that might sound like a good deal to his young, impressionable ears. Could we simply be gearing up for a Alec/Julian face-off, regardless of Kiera’s input?

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