‘Community’ Season 5: Donald Glover Set To Spend Less Time At Greendale

Community Season 4 Episode 11 Basic Human Anatomy (8)

Someone break out the claymation, I have a feeling Abed is going to need another major event episode of Community to deal with this news.

Vulture reports that Donald Glover, who plays Troy, Abed’s best friend and roommate, will be spending a whole lot less time at Greendale in season five. In fact, according to Vulture, Glover will only appear in five out of the 13 upcoming episodes. This will give the rapper/actor extra time to devote to his music career as Childish Gambino.

While Glover will only be attending Greendale part-time, former Study Group mainstay Chevy Chase left mid season four, meaning there will be two empty seats at the table for newly restored showrunner Dan Harmon to work around this season. Any ideas on how the Troy-less episodes might work out?

Community season five is set to premiere midseason on NBC.