Teen Wolf Season 3: What’s Your Angle, Deucalion?

Teen Wolf fans have endured a lot of television viewing-related stress in only five episodes of the show’s third season. There’s murder, mayhem and mystery abound. We don’t know who is behind the sacrificial murders, we’ve gotten no explanation for the bird attack or Dr. Deaton’s suicidal patients and we still don’t know the whereabouts of Gerard “Kanima” Argent, but we do know something about this bloodthirsty, violent super Alpha pack that has wreaked havoc upon Beacon Hills.

Using episode knowledge and the words of Jeff Davis from his weekly pre-episode Tumblr chats, let’s take a closer look at the man at the center of all the trouble . . .


Deucalion, who I have elected to refer to as Duke or Dukey, is the leader of the Alpha pack. We know that Duke has an unexplained fear of Scott. He stumbled upon the powers that led him to becoming the Alpha of Alphas. After becoming blind, one of Duke’s Betas thought he was no longer fit to lead, so he challenged him. During the confrontation, Dukey killed the Beta usurper and realized that he became faster and stronger as a result. Interestingly, Duke’s ability to increase his strength via sacrificial Betas has not restored his eyesight.


Duke has very little patience for his pack members when they fail to follow his directives. We saw that when reprimanded one of the Wonder Twins with a scratch on the cheek as they were about to engage in fisticuffs with Scott and Issac.

In the most recent episode of Teen Wolf, Frayed, we saw Duke literally suck the life out of Ennis after the pack member failed to best Derek in the melee at one of Beacon Hills many vacant, dark buildings. Seriously, Beacon Hills looks like such a lovely city – what’s up with all the vacant buildings? I digress.


I’m still unclear on Duke’s real intentions, but there are clear indications that the Demon Wolf shares a past with several residents of Beacon Hills. We know from his conversation with Derek that he knew Derek’s mother and he also seems to have some familiarity with Peter. We also don’t know yet how Duke ended up with Cora. Jeff Davis has also confirmed as much via Tumblr.

The demonic one also repeated something we’d previously heard on Teen Wolf from another dark and twisted mind: “The best way to eliminate a threat is to get someone to do it for you.” Indeed, those are the words of evil Grandpa Gerard and as you see from the Tubmlr image above, Davis has confirmed that these shared words should not be taken lightly.


This begs the question – is the Demon Wolf doing Gerard’s dirty work? If you had any doubt about Gerard’s status, Davis has confirmed that evil Gramps is still lurking out there somewhere in the darkness. Duke doesn’t strike me as anyone’s lackey, but I’m sure he’s shrewd enough to recognize the benefits of collaborating with the enemies of his enemies. Let’s hope that our favorite Beacon Hills residents have loaded up on their Mountain Ash.


Ultimately, the more I discover about the Duke, the more questions I have. One thing’s for sure, he’s relentless, capable of major collateral damage and in pursuit of Scott, Team Hale and everyone close to them. It will be interesting to see how everything ties together and as this season’s marketing campaign suggests – it just might hurt. Ugh.

What’s your take on Duke and his agenda? Sound off below!

One more tidbit – according to Jeff Davis, the super Alphas can hide their scent, which is why Scott did not sense that he was in the elevator with Duke in the season 3 premiere.

*Tumblr images of pre-episode Q&A sessions with Jeff Davis are courtesy of Never Love a Wild Thing. Check it out!