Crossing Lines Season 1 Review “Long-Haul Predators”

Crossing Lines Episode 4 Long-Haul Predators (2)

If nothing else, this week’s episode of Crossing Lines, “Long-Haul Predators,” gets points for originality. Truckers stalking couples across Europe and making them fight to the death? It’s certainly a step up from the generic serial killer in the pilot. If nothing else, the episode would be noteworthy for its crime. Fortunately, this was all-around the series’ best outing yet, giving hope for the show to keep getting better.

Up to now, Crossing Lines has had issues merging the crime storyline with character development. That wasn’t a problem here, as Sebastian took the spotlight to investigate the German family that survived their encounter with the truckers. A lot of this is due to Tom Wlaschiha having such an enjoyable screen presence, one that translated well into taking on a larger role in the episode. It was fun to see him team up with an old partner and run the investigation, only helping his position as one of the show’s best characters.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Donald Sutherland continues to serve little purpose on the show other than being a big, recognizable name. It’s a problem that authority figures run into on any procedural show, but it really seems like the audience is meant to be more invested in his character than they probably are. His brief flashbacks have just done little to inspire much excitement.

I noted earlier that the crime this week was original, though that comes more from the almost ridiculous nature of the culprits. They go to lengths to explain how the trucker operation works, but it still came off as a bit far-fetched. I couldn’t help but wonder how such an operation would even get started, though that was admittedly more than the show had time to explore.

Still, there was actual a genuine, interesting mystery this week, which was a definite improvement from before. The episode also had a fascinating opening, with the two couples fighting with absolutely no context. It’s the most original way to open an episode of a procedural, but it’s the kind of technique that elevates Crossing Lines to a more enjoyable affair.

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