‘Sherlock’ Heading To Comic-Con 2013; 2014 Season 3 Premiere Date Confirmed

Everyone break out your Deerstalkers, Sherlock is coming to Comic-Con.

EW confirms the hit BBC series will be hosting its first panel at the San Diego Comic-Con. While the actors are said to not be attending, co-creators and writers Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss will be on hand, as well as producer Sue Vertue. EW writer James Hibbard will be moderating. The exact date and time are expected to be announced by Comic-Con tomorrow.

In the meantime, despite the lack of Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, EW reveals they’ve been told that the panel will have a few surprises– let us hope one of those surprises is a shiny new trailer, perhaps with hints about how Sherlock survived that epic fall.

In addition to the panel, EW is also confirming that the long-awaited season three premiere will air stateside on PBS in 2014. Yes, it’s a long wait, and the internet will become a spoiler minefield, but it will be worth it to see Sherlock and Watson back together again, right?