Franklin & Bash Season 3 Review “Captain Johnny” – Surf’s Up!

Franklin & Bash Season 3 Episode 4 Captain Johnny

In this episode of Franklin & Bash, called “Captain Johnny,” the boys get into a contest with Rachel and Damien to see whose case will gain the most positive attention for the firm.

I thought the competition in this week’s episode was tons of fun, though I do wish that somehow we could’ve seen both teams actually pitted against each other in the same courtroom. Now there’s a battle that I would’ve paid money to see on pay-per-view. I had a feeling the guys were going to win, but you never know with those two so it could’ve gone either way. I liked the pirate stuff, but from the preview I thought that bird was going to have a much bigger role in the episode and in my head I was picturing one of their wacky courtroom scenes. Although, I do have to laugh at myself when I realize that Jared talking to a judge with a parrot on his shoulder just isn’t crazy enough for me anymore.

The jury is still out (pardon the pun) for me on Rachel, but overall she hasn’t done anything to actually annoy met yet, which is good. The boys moving to the beach, on the hand, I am completely for and I applaud the writers for giving us a reason to have Jared and Peter shirtless and/or soaking wet in every episode. They even made surfing a part of this week’s case, so hat’s off to them for that as well.

For those who asked last week, no, I have no clue what the Rob Lowe joke is about but I am finding it more and more hilarious. I am picturing this as a continuing gag all season and I can only imagine how much wilder it’s going to get as the battle lines continue to be drawn in the sand. Lowe got his couch back, but who knows was might end up going missing from his house next?

My favorite bits..

Rewinding my DVR so I could watch Jared and Peter on the beach in their wetsuits one more time. (What? Like none of you did the same thing?)

Peter comparing the waves in Malibu to prison.

“Not hitting people is why I became a lawyer.”

“He’s from the valley, so he’s compensating.”

Johnny referring to the boys as “the surfing lawyers.” That would make a great title for a TV show.

Both the boys diving out of the way of the fish.

The boys trying to convince Rachel to let them defend a man in exchange for fish.

Carmen referring the living room as the “Splash Zone at Sea World.”

The guys realizing that they had accidentally stolen Rob Lowe’s couch.

“We’re keeping the couch.”

Totally checking Rob Lowe’s Twitter to see if he was playing along and tweeting about a missing couch. I am sad to report that he was not.

“I’m more comfortable in, like, bars.” “I’m more comfortable in St. Barts. But I work here.”

Rachel asking if Damien went to law school after he suggested they argue bad manners as a reason for their client to pepper spray someone.

Jared and Peter arguing over whether Jared was able to survive the chair for 45 or 48 seconds.

Johnny nearly barfing on the judge. Oops.

Peter snatching his hand out of the psychic’s faster than a speeding bullet.

“You better pick up the pace, because we are waxing your.”
“I am your boss.” – Who else wanted to know how he was going to finish that sentence?

The boys having to tell the judge that their star witness was a parrot.

Jared trying to talk like a pirate… and failing miserably.

Peter naming all the words that you couldn’t make a verb by adding an “ing” to the end of it.

Finding out that Rob Lowe and Stanton have been at war since the 80’s.

“Living with Franklin & Bash doesn’t hold me back. It does the opposite.”

Jared promising to catch the bird’s crap before it hit the ground.

Not being able to stop giggling at the sight of that parrot on Jared’s shoulder. They were so adorable together.

“‘Didn’t not say to’, really?”
“It’s not my best work. I’m not proud.”

The boys stretching before heading in to the waves.

“St. Elmo’s Revenge.”

What did you think of this episode of Franklin & Bash? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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