Dates Series 1 (Channel 4) Review “Jenny & Christian”


This girl just can’t seem to catch a break. Two weeks after Jenny’s horrific date with the closeted thug on Dates, she decides to give internet dating one last go with Christian – the first seemingly normal guy she’s dated in ages. Her twelfth meet up in two weeks, it absolutely has to go well but – guess what – it doesn’t.

It was all so promising – they meet in an art gallery, start giggling uncontrollably and then bond over cocktails. She cries about not yet being married, he not only understands but calls her honesty refreshing, and one thing leads to another. This is out third one night stand unless you count David and Mia’s duel encounters, and is the only one of the three that takes the time to snuggle afterwards. Talk soon turns to religion and spirituality, at which point Jenny probably should have headed for the door.

It might be because of Andrew Scott’s leftover Moriarty-ness, but something about Christian creeped me out from the start. When a guy starts talking about a ‘group of likeminded people’ meeting to talk about beliefs on television it’s a red flag – so I was surprised that he was even more messed up than first impressions signified. Shortly after Christian jumped in the shower and Jenny started snooping around for something to nick, a surprise guest arrives to crash their party. Yes, Christian is married, and disrespecting an institution than dominates Jenny’s every waking minute.

So these two aren’t exactly compatible, then. I thought, this being the penultimate instalment of Dates, we might get a happy ending for another couple, but it wasn’t to be. Instead, we got something better, with Jenny finally realising that she’d be better off alone than putting up with all of the wrong ‘uns she seems to attract. Like Ellie and David or last week’s coupling, this date was designed to help one participant out, rather than both. It’s an uplifting ending for our most pathetic and love-sick character, and surprised me with its message of independence.

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