Warehouse 13 Season 4 Review “All The Time In The World”

Warehouse 13 Season 4 Episode 19 All the Time in the World (1)

Last night’s episode of Warehouse 13 was a Buffy fan’s dream come true. Anthony Head and James Marsters were together again, this time playing brothers. This was almost as funny as the time the Buffy gang developed amnesia and Spike thought he was Giles’ son, Randy. It was also an incredibly fun episode that embodied the true spirit of Warehouse 13.

Picking up from last week’s dramatic release of Paracelsus, the crew discovered a bronzed Claudia on the verge of disintegration. Myka and Pete were dispatched, along with questionable baddie Charlotte, to track down Paracelsus who absconded with the one artifact with the power to restore Claudia. Meanwhile, Jinks remained behind wringing his hands and Artie tried to figure out some way to stall the disintegration process. The bronzed Claudia was decent looking. Sometimes these types of props end up looking super cheesy. I was wondering the whole time, though, whether Allison Scagliotti asked to keep it. That would be a pretty spectacular lawn decoration.

Behind the bronzers, Artie discovers that Paracelsus has left a message for his brother – Charlotte’s husband, Sutton. Sutton has something that Paracelsus wants. Artie manages to locate Sutton, who is posing as Russian aristocracy in order to steal some jewels. It was a great scene when Charlotte, Pete and Myka crash the engagement party. Finally, Myka is allowed to look beautiful. Her hair and dress are gorgeous. There is a classic Pete moment of comic relief when he makes an off the cuff remark about spam emails from a Nigerian prince. But, the best part of the party exchange, though, is the action. Pete and Myka both get in some terrific blows against the party’s security. Even Charlotte has her moment when she shoots her philandering husband in the chest. Try as he might, Sutton is unable to escape the Warehouse team. I kept thinking the entire time how amazing James Marsters looks. While he may have added a few pounds, he doesn’t look like he’s aged a day since Buffy. This is incredible considering he is almost 51 years old.

Sutton gives the backstory of his relationship with his brother, which sets up the mini Buffy reunion. Paracelsus is completely morally bankrupt and uses his brother, sister in law and nephew as guinea pigs in his experiment for immortality. Not only does he drug his family, Paracelsus admits that he tested out his experiment by trying to kill them dozens of times while they were unconscious. Before Paracelsus can achieve immortality himself, he is apprehended by the agents of Warehouse 9. Anthony Head does a fantastic job of playing a bad guy.

Sutton leads the team to Paracelsus’ underground lair in Istanbul. I instantly heard They Might Be Giants in my head when the note “Constantinople” flashed on screen and was replaced with “Istanbul.” Of course, Paracelsus is waiting for them. In another moment of bumbling ineptitude, Pete triggers a trap that sends him and Myka tumbling into an underground cavern. Paracelsus is then able to steal the Philosopher’s Stone and resume his experiment. He strips Sutton, Charlotte and Nick from their curse of immortality. What should be a happy moment turns tragic when Paracelsus shoots Charlotte. This was a bummer since I enjoyed Polly Walker in this role. It was nice, though, to have a reconciliation between her and Sutton.

The big twist of the episode came out of left field, and I still find it confusing. Mrs. Frederic returns to the Warehouse to help Artie with the Claudia situation, but starts to suffer from some serious dementia. It turns out that the Warehouse is on the fritz and this is causing her mental deterioration. The confusing part is the explanation. Mrs. Frederic explains that as Paracelsus gets stronger, she gets weaker because he is the former caretaker of Warehouse 9. How does that work, exactly? I can see if he’d been the previous caretaker of Warehouse 13 that it could create a conflict, but why does it matter if he is from a separate warehouse? Theories? Explanations?

I am looking forward to the season finale and only sorry that we didn’t get more time with Paracelsus earlier in the season. I expect they will vanquish him, but hope that he isn’t completely gone. I also hope they wrap up the Myka cancer storyline. I’m also hoping that as we move into the last season, we see more of Claudia’s ultimate role with the Warehouse.

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