‘The Haunted Hathaways’ Series Premiere Date Announced

Nickelodeon has given the new family series The Haunted Hathaways an official premiere date, announcing that the series will make its debut on July 13 at 8:30pm est. The live-action sitcom comes from writer-producer Robert Peacock of both ‘The Jeff Foxworthy Show’ and ‘Reba’ fame. The show’s plot centers on Michelle Hathaway (Ginifer King) and her two daughters, Taylor (Amber Montana) and Frankie (Breanna Yde). Together the trio will find themselves living with ghosts after they move into their new house in New Orleans that is haunted by a father and his two sons.

“The Haunted Hathaways is a high-concept show that combines the ultimate blended family with a new dimension of fun to bring fresh and relatable storytelling for our audience,” Russell Hicks, Nickelodeon’s President of Content Development and Production, said. “Fans will be excited to see the silly hijinks and supernatural comedy that ensue as our talented creative team and ensemble cast bring these two families, literally from different worlds, to life.”

Following the series’ premiere new episodes of the ‘The Haunted Hathaways’ will air on Nickelodeon on Saturdays in the 8:30 p.m. timeslot. Fans can also tune in to watch the show a day after the series airs on iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, Xbox Video, Vudu and other Download To Own storefronts.