Teen Wolf Season 3 “Frayed” Review – Which Alpha died?

So where exactly do I begin with this review of last night’s episode of Teen Wolf, entitled Frayed? Actually, I know where to begin – with a personal message for Jeff Davis.

Dear Mr. Davis,

I will be sending the medical bills from all of the medication and therapy I will require to deal with the emotional torture I’ve suffered during this season of Teen Wolf.

Thanks in advance,


Okay, on to the review . . .

In the commercials leading up to last night’s episode, Teen Wolf viewers were warned that an Alpha would die. As this week’s episode opened, we found Scott, Stiles, Isaac, Boyd, Danny, 1/2 of the Wonder Twins, Coach Finstock and the rest of the cross country team en route to a race. Oh and Allison and Lydia closely followed behind in Allison’s car.

Scott doesn’t look well-handled and Stiles is pressuring him to talk about “it.” What is that “it” you say?

Derek is dead.

Excuse me, Scott?

Come again . . .

Heffa, say what?

Derek is dead?

I made the wise decision to check-in on Get Glue and get some emotional support from fellow Teen Wolf watchers. Some decided to pretend that Scott had not just uttered those words, while others were unleashing their tears and rage (via social media). This was my response:

To make matters worse, the episode was a series of flashbacks in which we saw the roundtable of the Beacon Hills wolves in Derek’s loft, more post-relationship tension between Allison and Scott – all of which culminated in a stunt-filled, bad ass battle royale between Team Hale, Scott and Team Alphas. The fight was dramatic, slow-motion and pretty darn frustrating to watch in flashbacks because I wanted to know what the hell happened to Derek!

As the wolves discussed their horrible plan to cut the head off the snake, i.e., kill Dukey, was anyone else wondering why no one extended an invitation to Dr. Deaton? Seriously, why would you not invite the man who clearly has the most knowledge of lupine life in Beacon Hills to your planning session?!?

You know things have truly changed on Teen Wolf when Scott once again proves to be the wolf most capable of sound judgment. Not only is new Scott learning new words, he was smart enough to consult Dr. Deaton. Go Scott! Seriously, if this is what being single does for our Teen Wolf, I really don’t want him and Allison to reconcile.

Speaking of the benefits of breaking up, Allison is now well on her way to redemption this season and I’m loving it. I’m in favor of anything that gets us flashbacks of ol’ crazy eyes Victoria Argent. Hey girl, hey! I wonder what Victoria would think of Allison using her memory to save Scott. I’m pretty sure that’s her version of hell.

Prior to joining the pow wow at Team Hale, Scott had some elevator face-to-face time with Dukey. Dukey wanted to know what our beloved Teen Wolf was made of. Be careful what you wish for, Dukester! Apparently the Argents have traded in their house for an apartment/condo in Duke’s building. I assume this residency change was done for plot purposes to give Allison and Chris a new start after Victoria’s death.

My heart palpitations and nervous sweat was ameliorated at times thanks to the brief moments of levity courtesy of Stiles and Coach Finstock. The text scene with Danny and the whistle standoff were hilarious. Much needed moments of laughter – even if they did just further delay getting to the most important question of the night – where are my dragons?!?!

Wait, wrong show. Where is my Derek?!?

We finally get to the showdown of showdowns. The gang is all there. Team Hale vs. Team Super Alphas. There are feet in bad need of a pedicure, blood, flips, madness, mayhem and another freaking flashback featuring Chris and Allison. As a wise man from San Diego once said:

It all leads up to Duke ordering Derek to kill Boyd or lose his sister. Derek is just as startled and confused as those of us watching at home. Allison saves the day with a little bow and arrow flashwork, which allows Team Hale to regroup. Shortly thereafter, shit . . . got . . . REAL! Scott digs deep and goes head to head with Ennis, who I’ve decided to call Easter Island head Alpha. In a very shocking turn of events, Scott’s eyes clearly flashed in Alpha red. What does that mean? We don’t know yet, but it’s clearly connected to Duke’s creepy curiosity/obsession with the young Teen Wolf. Derek goes in for the assist and like a WWE ladder match, he and Easter Island head took a LONG fall onto an escalator. We didn’t see how the respective parties departed, but Team Hale definitely left with the impression that Derek was dead.

The super Alphas took Easter Island head to Dr. Deaton, who went through all of the trouble of saving him so that Duke could then put him down. We’re still learning the super Alpha canon, so I’m not sure if Duke has now added Easter Island powers to his repertoire. Peter and Cora returned to the scene of the melee and discovered that both Easter Island and Derek were gone.

FINALLY, at the close of the episode, a bloody, badly beaten Derek resurfaces at Ms. Blake’s car. And with that, an entire audience of Teen Wolf fans released a collective sigh of relief.

I’m not sure how much I loved the number of flashbacks, but I appreciate that they definitely kept me on edge the entire episode. Derek and the rest of Team Hale are safe – for now.

Other thoughts, favorite moments and observations:

– Welcome back to the action, Boyd! Nice to see him being used as more than a plot device this week. His ROTC tie-in for Stiles last week was disappointing.

– I still love Peter, but I also know that my favorite, former Big Bad Wolf cannot be fully trusted. Ever. It was a little curious that he was suddenly back in the thick of things this week. I appreciate that we got a scene between uncle and niece. You know, I’m not sure how I feel about Cora. Not loving her as much as I love the rest of the Hale family. Perhaps she’ll grow on me, but first she needs to explain where the hell she’s been all this time. I seriously don’t think Duke had her locked up in a bank for six years.

– So can we assume that no sacrificial murders occurred during this day of wolf mayhem? And if the Beacon Hills serial killer did not strike this week, what does that say about his connection to the wolves? It could mean nothing at all, as it would have been impossible to fit anything else into this episode.

– Does anyone else think Ms. Blake is tied to the serial murders? Something is off there.

– So Deaton and Morrell are siblings? Okay. I don’t think I like and/or trust you Ms. Morrell. In my best Arya Stark voice, “you’re a LIAR!”

– “I might throw up on you just to make a point, Jared.” – Oh Coach Finstock, you’re nuts!

– Does Lydia have a Ph.D. in lycanthropy? That girl seems to know it all!

– Scott and Isaac riding in on Scott’s bike = adorable overload.

– Cheek kisses from Duke = death. That Easter Island head collapsed like a rotten piece of fruit. Damn.

– Did the Wonder Twins flip into a single person? No fisting this week? Yes, you read that question correctly. That was awesome, but I have so many questions about why it is necessary for them to always be topless.

– I’d like to cordially invite Kali to become the next super Alpha to bite the dust.

– I’m loving all the mini investigative match-ups – Lydia/Stiles, Cora/Peter, Scott/Isaac, Deaton/Scott, etc. The show is becoming a Scooby Doo mystery within a Scooby Doo mystery within a Scooby Doo mystery and I kinda like it.

– So did Allison just leave her gasless car at the rest station?

– Duke seeing Allison help Team Hale will not bode well for Team Argent.

Is it Monday yet? According to several members of the Teen Wolf cast on Twitter, next week will be equally insane. What did you think of Frayed? Melody, chrisjozo and other fans of Teen Wolf on TV Equals, assemble and sound off!

  • Kelli Nicole

    I love reading your reviews ! Can’t wait for the next episode !!

    • Thanks, Kelli! I can’t wait for the next episode either. It’s amazing how Teen Wolf can actually make you excited for a Monday. 🙂

  • Sadly, I didn’t get a chance to watch this week’s episode until tonight. At least I’m finally caught up, if a bit late to the party. The frustrating part for me was all the annoying spoilers that kept popping up this week as people offhandedly remarked about the death of Derek. What can I say, I prefer to be spoiler free.

    Anyways, onto the show: I actually didn’t mind the time jumps. I didn’t need them to make the story more interesting, they were just a device and at least for me they didn’t get in the way of my enjoyment. It wasn’t too hard to follow along and I thought it did provide additional drama because it was able to tell us about Derek’s death at the beginning and keep the reveal of the truth until the end. The linear story would have had his death somewhere in the middle instead of having all the fans sitting on the edge of their seats for the whole hour.

    As for Derek’s presumed death, of course I never really bought into it. There are a few characters we can count on to survive and Derek is one of them, along with Scott, Stiles, Allison and Lydia. Anyone else, I might have worried a bit. It’s like when Scott was dying in the bathroom while being stitched up, we knew he’d pull through. And even when a lead dies, you can still expect them to come back (for great examples see Supernatural, Sherlock, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer).

    Speaking of Scott’s near death experience: The real question is: what was he actually going through? Do I believe that his own guilt added to the situation, sure, but it wasn’t all that was going on. We saw two big things happen to Scott during the fight: 1. He was able to stand up to an Alpha the size of Ennis and push him back. 2. His alphaness is starting to shine through with the whole glowy red eye thing. So, was this part of a transformation, the old Scott must die for the new Scott to fully emerge? Or he had to be purged of something (black goo related) in order to take on the change that becoming an Alpha is doing to him? The only other Alpha transformation we’ve seen we can’t really compare to what is happening with Scott because Derek is a totally different breed than Scott. For one, he became an Alpha from killing another Alpha vs Scott’s growth into an Alpha. And secondly, he was born a werewolf vs Scott’s bitten transformation. Back in season 1, Kate asked Chris if someone could be turned by a scratch. He confirmed, if the scratch was deep enough. So, here we have Scott beginning to blossom into an Alpha, maybe the scratch, because of his current state of growth, has helped leap him forward. Or maybe it actually halted the transformation and that’s why his eye color went back. So many curious possibilities.

    Oh and the conversation between Mrs. Argent and Allison was fabulous! Tense, frightening and yet loving. You know what, Allison is actually pretty together considering who raised her.

    I was surprised by Isaac this week, or maybe it was the writers. He had done a great job on the bus keeping his cool to finally lose it in the parking lot. It surprised me because of the stupidity. Is he looking to get suspended from school? This is the second week in a row that he’s gotten in a fight, the school isn’t going to take that lightly. When my son was in a fight a few years ago, he was suspended for two days. I couldn’t believe it when last week all Isaac got was a lunchtime detention. Seriously? The motorbike in the halls got a suspension. Of course, last season Scott and Jackson nearly destroyed the boys locker room with their fight and only got detention as well. Curious and so completely unbelievable. Please, writers, let us see a real world consequence for this, to remind us all that these kids aren’t actually allowed to just beat on each other whenever they want while in school. Outside of it, I don’t mind, I enjoy the fight scenes.

    • In reply to a comment from last week, I was reminded of the death of Ennis. So, I’m wondering, do you all think Deaton’s gonna tell about how Ennis really died? And, how was Duke able to kill him considering the fact that the place is supposed to be supernatural violence proof? Did Duke kill him because Scott and Derek both were able to stand up to him (Scott, a beta, pushing him back when they collided; and Derek throughout the fight)? Did he make him look weak? Or was it all a ploy to gain more power and turn up the anger of his pack against Derek and Scott?

  • Upon rewatching this tonight before episode 6 aired, I noticed something…watch through to just short of 8.5 minutes in and keep a close eye on the fight between Derek and Kali.

    • Thanks, Melody! I will definitely check out Frayed again and take a closer look at that fight. I can’t wait to hear what you thought of Motel California.

      It’s funny that you mention spoilers, because those of us watching live were unintentionally spoiled by MTV. The network aired a commercial for the online after show towards the end of the episode, but before we knew what happened to Derek and Ennis. The commercial mentioned that the actor playing Ennis would appear on the after show and discuss his death. LOL. Thanks, MTV!

      Your comment about Dr. Deaton is interesting too. I initially assumed that the other Alphas knew that Duke killed Ennis – I figured it was part of their Alpha code. Hmph, not so much. While watching last night’s episode, it was confirmed that the super Alphas hold Derek – not Duke – responsible for Ennis’ death. It also looks like Deaton was kidnapped in the preview for next week, so the poor vet tried to help those buttheads and now finds himself in the thick of it. I’m wondering where Ms. Morrell stands on them endangering the life of her brother.

      Good point about Isaac’s reaction to Scott not healing. Those two have really grown closer, but I think it’s also another sign pointing to Scott’s growing leadership. I thought it was interesting that he was able to calm both Isaac and Boyd down – something previously only done by Derek.

      i also need them to explain why that crazy MWC twin likes to smile while he’s being beaten. I figured it was because he knew he was getting the upper hand on Isaac, but it’s just so darn creepy.

      I think I’ve mentioned this before, but Beacon Hills must be a super rich county that can provide the school with a MASSIVE budget. Most schools would never be able to afford the damage the wolves have done to the school. I also wonder what happened to all the cameras the Argents installed in the school and how the principal explained his absence.

      The school could also use a little help in the discipline area. With Mr. Harris now dead, I’m not sure there’s anyone left to even give them detention!

      • Good question, why is Ethan so eager to be beaten. I’ve heard others suggest that he likes it, but with Danny he was so gentle.

        Yeah, Mr. Harris, RIP you nut job, but your detention skills are now going to be missed.

  • Another awesome review! That first Ron Burgundy video was amazing! Totally how I felt when I heard that Derek is dead. Because let’s just all agree that Derek cannot die, like EVER!! 😉

    But more seriously, this was my favorite episode this season so far. So good!