Switched at Birth Season 2 Review “He Did What He Wanted”

No matter how glad I was initially when Emmett wasn’t just included in this week’s episode of Switched at Birth, but had a full-on storyline to call his own, that feeling quickly evaporated as soon as he started on his inflexible ‘hearing people are lesser people’ shtick. I’ve always admired the show for all of the perspectives it offers but, if Emmett doesn’t change and grow pretty soon, it’s going to be even harder to tolerate these intermittent tantrums.

This week his rage was directed towards his dad, who tells him he wants a cochlear implant. Of course, Emmett being Emmett, he goes off on one and decides that it’s part of a mid-life crisis. Now, the episode itself actually provided us with reasons for and against getting an implant for certain people in certain situations, and that’s incredibly useful for viewers like me who hadn’t heard of them before watching.

So the fault in Emmett is entirely intentional. When Travis admits to thinking about having the same procedure, Emmett still won’t listen, but it provides some compelling arguments that tap into Travis’ career prospects.

But Emmett did also do something nice, accompanying Daphne to a party from which she was confusingly snubbed. Despite putting herself out there with Jace, he’s shifty about his plans on the 4th July, and she soon finds out that he’s throwing a party instead.

There, she assumes he’s using the free-flowing alcohol as a tool to chat up girls, but he tells her that it’s actually to uncover a scandal in their office. Someone has been sleeping with the boss, and he wants to find out whom so he can post it on his political gossip blog. Daphne’s dismayed but, when she accidentally discovers who the intern is he agrees not to post the story.

While Daphne is busy making sure she’s happy, Bay is looking after everyone else at the carnival. Ty’s still acting strangely around her when they hang out, and Mary Beth tells her it’s most likely because they had cleaned out her brother’s room the afternoon before.

Feeling sorry for her, Bay clocks on to an attraction between Mary Beth and their boss and quickly sets up a double date. It goes horribly, horribly wrong, but at least Bay plucks up the courage to question Ty about his intentions. He turns into the romantic guy she’s been hoping would emerge, and it looks as though this relationship is back on.

John’s frustrations dominate the bulk of the episode, and result in a pretty dramatic collapse in the last scene. Will he die? We won’t find out next week as we’ll be wasting time with a ‘what if’ episode, but John’s stress was partially everyone’s fault – from Bay and Kathryn to Toby and especially Regina.

Next week will hopefully put his understandable bitterness towards Regina to bed, as his explosive outburst revealed how much her choice to keep Daphne has really bothered him all this time. The promo reveals that Daphne wouldn’t have become deaf in the care of the Kennish’s, which is about as controversial as the cochlear conversation.

What did you think of the episode? Will John pull through? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.