Rizzoli & Isles Season 4 Review “In Over Your Head”

Rizzoli & Isles Season 4 Episode 2 In Over Your Head (2)

On the latest episode of “Rizzoli & Isles”, we got a first-hand look at the perils of going undercover in “In Over Your Head”. In fact, we saw one example in the past, one in the present- both connected to a heretofore unmentioned part of Jane’s romantic history, “new” recruit detective Rafael Martinez (Amaury Nolasco, who some of you may know from “Prison Break”), who used to work with her back in the day…amongst other things, much to everyone’s piqued interest. Alas, it was not the happiest of endings for the twosome, who parted ways on nasty terms, due to their informant getting dead, which Jane holds him responsible for- as well as herself.

As if this weren’t enough, another recruit working on a case Martinez is involved with has been killed as well, a young would-be investigative reporter. To be fair to him, though, if your plan to infiltrate a drug dealer’s game involves approaching him directly after a transaction has taken place that you clearly just witnessed, things weren’t going to end well for you in the first place. She may have been an “A”-student, but that was a rookie mistake if ever there was one- and it cost her her life. Although, to be fair, the guy she caught in the act was a state trooper, so there’s that. There was no way that wasn’t going to go wrong, if you think about it.

Meanwhile, Isles had her own drama to deal with, and as ever, it was family-related. Man, that girl can’t catch a break to save her life. It’s one thing after another with these people. I’m glad her half-sister has cooled down and they are getting along now, but that whole situation with her father and mother is a big old honking mess. Now it looks like mom is going to end up in the clink to boot, right alongside her ex. Unless he steps up and pleads guilty to the crimes committed, which did not look like it was going to happen. Poor Maura.

Some fun moments here and there amidst all the drama, as pre usual, including some fun quotes. My favorite was probably Isles’ warning to Frankie: “You should be very careful around ovulating women.” LOL. Even out of context, that’s a funny line. I also liked his line to her: “That’s very yellow” about her outfit- and her enthused “Thank you!” back to him, which cracked me up for some reason. That’s so Maura, right?

Oh, and don’t think I missed that clever reference to actor Bruce McGill’s past, when he was quizzed about his college experience, or lack thereof: “I went to a lot of toga parties.” See what they did there? For those who didn’t get it, McGill is an alum of no less than Delta House- aka Animal House. (For those who still don’t get it, ask your parents- then rent the movie, for God’s sake- it’s a classic.)

I also cracked up when Jane called Maura’s shoes “zambonis”. Hell, I don’t know my Zannotis or whatever from a hole in the ground, but that was funny. Her well-played fake-out with Maura over the horseshoe crabs was also clever. Did you notice how jumpy that cop was at the time. I did- but I figured it was just typical local vs. state crap, which was, of course, just what they wanted you to think. Well-played, “R&I”.

Also good to know- Isles can pick a lock! And has broken into the police files before! Naughty, naughty. Hope Santa wasn’t watching. That, and Frankie can handle himself in a pinch. Nice moves! Not sure about that biker garb, though. He might want to rethink all that.

So, a pretty solid episode. The drama with Maura kind of pulled focus a bit more from the main storyline than it should have, but the stuff with Martinez and Jane was interesting. Think they’ll bury the hatchet? Don’t forget, she still has Casey in her back pocket, even if he’s MIA at the moment.

Either way, I liked Nolasco in “Prison Break”, so I wouldn’t mind him sticking around for a bit. Plus, he and Angie Harmon had nice, bristly chemistry that could make for some interesting head-butting in the future. We shall see, but he’s definitely scheduled to stick around for a bit, being as he’s listed for a few more episodes at least.

What did you think of “Rizzoli & Isles” this week? Did you find the main plot interesting? How about the stuff with Maura’s parents? Were you a fan of Nolasco as well? Did you like a line I didn’t mention? Sound off below in the comments section and let me know!