Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Review “Face Time”

Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 4 Face Time (1)

On the latest episode of “Pretty Little Liars”, we finally got confirmation of what most all of us suspected- that Melissa was up to her neck in all of this insanity. Maybe not to the extent we thought, but involved nonetheless. That is, if you even believe half of what was coming out of her mouth. I myself always figured she was being blackmailed by “A” like nearly everyone else, so I can’t say I was too shocked.

That said, in “Face Time”, we did find out a few tidbits of information here and there. According to Melissa, at least, Shana, Jenna and her watched over the house the girls were in the night of the fire, but didn’t set it- but they assume Wilden did. They also didn’t see who dragged the girls out of the fire, but Melissa has a theory- it’s Alison herself, which some of the girls have also posited as of recently. Hey, at this point, it’s like Melissa says: crazier things have happened.

Also, confirmed, according to Melissa, Wilden killed Garrett on the train, and she knew it was going to happen and didn’t try to stop it. She claims to have not known the girls were in trouble at that time, however. She did hesitate big time when asked if she was the one who killed Wilden, however. (Of course, it could have easily been Ashley as well, but more on her in a minute.)

According to her, she’s been protecting Spencer long before any of this stuff started- more than she knows- and Melissa clearly knows more than she’s saying, but warns Spencer the less she knows, the better. I’m of the mind if Melissa really wanted to help her at this point, she would have told her everything- after all, it’s the only way she’s ever going to trust her, and even then, she might not. Whatever the case, “A” says it’s not Melissa, for whatever that’s worth.

One point of confusion on my end that maybe one of you can clear up: The mask casts she got from Hector, the mask maker- was that supposed to be just her? Because that didn’t look much like her. In fact, it looked more like a guy, especially in the close-up at the end, when it showed “A” or whoever piecing together one of them. And I don’t mean that as an insult either-Torrey DeVitto is totally babe-a-licious.

But for the record, if I was disposing of some evidence of that nature, I think I would go a much longer way towards destroying it than she did, and not do it right there in front of the freaking store or whatever. (“That guy has so many heads, he’ll never miss one”, my foot.) Don’t they know better about this stuff by now? Guess not.

Meanwhile, there’s Hanna’s mama drama to contend with. Things are not looking good for Ashley, between her ex-hubby’s missing gun (possibly) turning up in a safety deposit box belonging to Wilden at her bank that she had access to, along with a ton of cash and a couple of passports. The cops labeled it a potential “drop” gun, which I had to look up the meaning of later on. As I suspected, it’s a gun that dirty cops use to justify a shooting that was un-warranted, i.e. when the person was unarmed. Ashley also confessed to coming back to town the night Wilden was killed- and avoided the cops when they came by to talk to her later on. Whatever’s going on, she’s clearly hiding something.

Speaking of the cops, I’m still on the fence about newbie Sean Faris, but adding Roma Maffia (“Nip/Tuck”, among many other shows) was a stroke of genius. Now there’s an actress that can convincingly play a cop that knows what they’re doing. Although, to be fair, Officer Holbrook did seem to be on the ball enough last week, if that wall o’ clues was any indication. Whatever the case, Hanna might want to rethink her bad-move strategy of poking the bear via messing with the cops, as per Caleb’s suggestion. Not too smart, girlie.

Toby’s out-of-town visit was pretty uneventful, as the only thing he really got out of it was that a blonde woman was hassling his mother. That could be anyone, not in the least given the fact that some have donned a blonde wig over the past seasons before, but even if we limit ourselves to actual blondes, there’s still Cece, Hanna, and, of course, Ali. That said, we do know that Cece was interred at Radley at one point, so there’s that. (That was pretty oddball stuff about the “heaviness of air,” BTW.)

The only other bit of somewhat relevant info we got was that Ali and someone visited Hector and she frantically grabbed all the cash she could get for posing for his mask of her and took off, never to be seen again. She went missing shortly thereafter. The question was, according to Melissa- was it before or after her supposed “death”?

Also, Em told Paige about the possible fact that she might not swim again, but not her parents, who once again had charges of child abuse leveled at them, this time with her father part of the accusation, as he was yelling at Em at one point, albeit with decent reason. I can’t say I entirely blame her for not telling them, though. It would probably only make a bad situation that much worse, to say the least.

That was about it, for this episode. Not too much forward momentum this time out, though I’m sure those who having been eyeing Melissa for some time were happy to have that confirmed to a certain degree. Who knows if she’s telling the truth, though? My guess would be she told enough of the truth to weasel her way out of that conversation with Spencer, but that was about it. I certainly don’t buy that she’s been solely protecting her sister all this time. Yeah, right. After all Spencer did to her? I sincerely doubt that.

What did you think of “Pretty Little Liars” this week? Do you buy Melissa’s take on things? Do you think there’s more to it than she’s letting on? Who do you think actually killed Wilden? Is it Ashley or Melissa? Or someone else altogether? Did Wilden set that fire for real? Is Ali actually alive? Will we ever get some straight answers? Tune in next week to find out, and until then, post your crazy theories below in the comments section!