King & Maxwell Season 1 Review “King’s Ransom”

King & Maxwell Episode 4 King's Ransom (3)

As with the previous three, week four of King & Maxwell starts with an existing case being wrapped up by our crack team of detectives, and this time they do it by posing as casting agents for a Katherine Heigl movie. Soon, however, things get a little more serious when they’re put on the case of a kidnapped child. The ransom and kidnap specialist on the case is an old friend of Sean’s, and so arises lots of intrigue as to the exact nature of their relationship.

It’s nice to have a third wheel to King and Maxwell’s dynamic this week, even if it turns out to be short-lived, and this past squeeze isn’t the only new face we meet. Benny, the tattoo artist Sean goes to for information on one of the kidnappers, looks like she’ll be sticking around for future episodes. That makes our gang of group of four – much more appealing than a two man show. I also loved Dichen Lachman in both Dollhouse and Being Human, so she should be a good addition to the recurring cast should she return.

The show is evolving quite nicely from its fairly mediocre roots, and I like the idea of an assembly of misfits banding together much more than the original conceit of two ex-secret agents squabbling over coffee. I still love Edgar, too, and he got some nice time away from the office in this episode. Pushing him into the outside world and making him more involved in the cases allows the character to be more than just a plot device who hacks into unhackable security systems. His scenes with the kid might have been a little over-sweet, but they worked for me.

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