Falling Skies Season 3 So Far

Manchester, Hal, Pope, Cochise, Alexis - Falling Skies

With the fifth episode having aired on Sunday, June 30, we are now half way through the oh-so-brief ten episode third season of Falling Skies. This season is bringing lots of new surprises and of course, for every question they answer, they seem to ask about twenty more, and always manage to leave us hanging.

I would like to do a brief recap of the season so far, and look at some of the new challenges and questions we have encountered so far, as well as other interesting developments.

A New Alien

Cochise -  Falling Skies

Cochise, the representative of the Volm, landed at the end of season two – he was primary among the cliffhangers from season two to season three. He brings with him advanced technology to help fight the Espheni and their resources, namely the Skitters, the Mechs and the Mega-Mechs. When you think about it, it makes sense that some advanced technology would have to be introduced into the battle. Otherwise we are left with only knives in a gun fight!

Of course, the big question is whether or not Cochise and the rest of the Volm can be trusted. So far, he seems like the genuine article, here as part of their pursuit of the Espheni across the galaxy, helping invaded planets repel the Espheni. However, in the episode just aired, some new questions about the weapon the Volm are building surfaced, arousing further suspicions about their real intent.

Tom and Anne’s Baby

Alexis - Falling Skies

At the end of season two, we find out that Anne is pregnant with Tom’s baby. In fact, in a possible foreshadowing of events, Karen was able to sense the pregnancy when she was holding Anne and the others captive. We have now found out that the baby, Alexis, has alien DNA intertwined with her human DNA. So now we have the mystery of what that all means and how it happened.

I have read two theories on how it happened that make sense to me. One is that Tom was infected with something during his captivity between seasons one and two. This mysterious something has been passed on to Alexis. The other theory is that since Anne used the new technology provided by the Volm to de-harness captured kids while she was pregnant, the device somehow affected the unborn child. I’m sure there are other theories out there, and who knows how long it will take us to find out the truth?

Identity of the Mole

Manchester - Falling Skies

Something’s rotten in the underground mall called Charleston. There is a mole who is cluing the Espheni in to our military actions. Former Majority Leader and current Vice President Arthur Manchester was tasked by new President Tom Mason to find out who the mole was, and of course, after telling Tom, who was on the way to the delivery room, that he knew who the mole was, he gets blown away in his office.

Interestingly enough, he seemed to know who his attacker was, since he at first greeted the person and then when he saw the weapon, said “So it’s you?” This of course means that whoever he was going to tell Tom about was not the correct person! The mystery of the mole’s identity continues to haunt Charleston.

Evil Hal

Hal - Falling Skies

Karen apparently infected Hal with an eye bug at the end of season two when she kissed him while he was captive. We later see the eye bug emerge and enter his brain via his ear, and immediately after that, Evil Hal made his first appearance.

This season Evil Hal’s not only back, but he is gradually taking over so we are seeing less and less of Good Hal and more and more of Evil Hal. He seems to be under Karen’s control, and despite his best efforts to resist, so far Evil Hal is winning. In the most recent episode, Maggie has finally confronted Hal about his strange behavior, and we seem headed for a showdown in the next episode. The big question remains, can an eye bug, once it enters your brain, be removed?

Character Development for Pope

Pope - Falling Skies

John Pope has been an irritant since the beginning, challenging and not respecting the authority of Tom and Weaver. Really, he started out as a bad guy, leading a group of criminals with an attitude of “I only care about my survival.”

Gradually, however, his character has taken steps to become more a part of the 2nd Mass after being forced by Weaver to work with Tom Mason. Now in the third season, we are getting significant character development for Pope, and he is becoming more three dimensional, and in my opinion, interesting! In the most recent episode, we not only got more of his back story, we also saw him become the hero, saving Tom Mason’s life. What this will mean for his character is yet to be seen, but I am enjoying the way this character is being developed.


So there you have it, my thoughts on the first half of the third season of Falling Skies. What do you think of the season so far? Are you anxious to see the second half? Cast interviews I have seen say that the upcoming episode, number six, is really amazing, so I think the second half will be pretty exciting too. What do you think? Please sound off in the comment section below!