True Blood Season 6 “You’re No Good” Review

“I can barely remember the last time I wasn’t in danger.” – Sookie Stackhouse
Neither can I, Sookie. Don’t you think it’s time for a change?

The more things change, the more they stay the same on True Blood and I’m still deciding whether or not that’s a good or bad thing. A few aspects of last night’s episode gave me a serious case of deja vu:

Ladies Love Eric

As previously seen on last week’s episode of True Blood, Eric decided to best the governor by going after his daughter Willow. Willow managed to talk her way out of death and into some intimate casket time with Eric by offering to help her captor. Eric’s apparent annoyance with Willow felt quite reminiscent of his initial disdain for Sookie in the first season of True Blood. Thank you Pam for reminding Eric of that. We really don’t need to relive that relationship again. Although Tara’s taken Willow to parts unknown, I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Eric and Willow getting closer. She’ll never be the same after having her finger sucked by Eric. Hell, I don’t know if I’ll be the same after that scene.

I hope that whatever materializes from this relationship will not further alienate Eric and his progeny. I really need the Northman vamp family to reconcile.

Alcide’s Penchant for Pain in the Ass Women

When Sookie Stackhouse shot Debbie Pelt, I screamed for joy and did a Snoopy-inspired happy dance. I thought that Alcide was finally rid of crazy women. I also applauded his decision to leave Sookie to her vampires, as nothing good would ever come of that. When his new were-boo showed up last season, she seemed to be pretty grounded and more importantly, sane. This season, however, she’s struggling with her man’s new power. I don’t even think Debbie Pelt would have been that mean to Emma. Sookie, get that shotgun ready.

Sam’s Similar Predilection for Troubled Women

As LaLa wisely observed, “she gon’ be trouble for you!” What is with Sam and troubled women? I don’t know what Nicole and her friends are trying to accomplish, but I don’t think they’re all on the same page as it relates to their intentions. It is also very clear that Nicole’s obviously jealous boyfriend will become a pain in Sam’s ass before this season is over. Nicole clearly has the hots for Sam and appears to be headed on a collision course with the wolves and potentially the anti-supernatural state government. She’ll probably end up hurt or dead and will likely get Sam in more trouble than her “help” is worth. Same situation for Sam, different woman. *Sigh*

Fellowship of the Freakin’ Sun

As a True Blood fan, I would welcome the day when we never have to refer to that blasted Fellowship of the Sun again. Along with Marnie and maenad orgies, it represents a part of the show I’d like to permanently forget. In fact, I’d like to glamor it all away. The upshot to the reference to that cult that shall not be mentioned is that we saw Steve Newlin again this week and we got a chance to catch up with his ex-wife Sarah, who is now a politician. Now that we’ve caught up with Sarah, I wouldn’t mind if we heard no more of her “salvation of the human race” politics again.

Other Thoughts:

– Is Fangtasia really gone for good? Say it ain’t so! There is nothing like Eric sucking your fingers on the throne.

– I was also sad to see that Fairy Funkytown is no more. Damn you, Warlow (or whoever actually slaughtered all of the fairies in the secret club).

– What’s wrong with Jason? Seriously. I hate to be one of those fans, but if Jason dies I’m done. True Blood will die the true death in my weekly viewing schedule. The scene with Jason and Sookie where he finally revealed his hallucinations captured what I love so much about the dim-witted, well-intentioned former high school football star.

– It was shocking to hear Bill tell Sookie that she was dead to him, but was anyone really buying that for one minute? And while I’m at it, Bill better not hurt Bellefleurs 1-4!

– Kevin’s dry cleaner is a vampire. I guess he works the late shift or there is a 24-hour dry cleaner in the tiny town of Bon Temps.

– Andy using numbers to refer to his daughters rather than name them reminded me of why I love his character. It was so great to see Holly back and I love that Andy took her to Fort Bellefleur and offered to be her own safe place. She doesn’t even have to get naked with him and she’s getting some pretty good target practice. Awwwww.

– So Ben is Warlow, right? If he’s not Warlow, I don’t think he’s someone to be trusted. Shouldn’t the king of the fairies be able to sense that something is off?

– Alcide, you didn’t do such a great job keeping your pack under control.

– Is Nicole’s group of coalition friends supposed to be the Bon Temps modern day version of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee of the Civil Rights Movement?

– Nora, your ass is grass once Eric finds out you’ve been watching Sookie. Hmmm, will Nora’s blood be the key to healing Jason?

– Ginger! Hey girl, hey!

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