Defiance Season 1 Review “Past is Prologue”

Defiance (Syfy) Episode 11 Past Is Prologue (6)

On the latest episode of “Defiance”, it was mayoral debate time, between current mayor Amanda and her challenger, the nefarious Datak, in “Past is Prologue”. Datak, of course, couldn’t resist any and every attempt to showboat, even at former mayor Nicky’s funeral. What a class act.

What’s more, he wants to join forces with the Earth Republic, as represented by Colonel Marsh, who’s promised him the moon and then some- though he’s not above hedging his bets with Amanda, who flatly refuses. Shortly thereafter, Stahma tells Kenya her husband’s planning on having Amanda killed- or is he, really?

Ah, that clever Stahma. Knowing good and well Kenya will run right to her sister to warn her, things come to such a head that everyone’s on the edge at the debate, wary of a sniper or the like. They get one, but not how they thought, as Datak has Alak recruit a friend, Kupack, to take aim at the mayor…with a paintball gun. Knowing full well Nolan will overreact-which he does, resulting in the boys’ untimely death- the way is paved for Datak to use Nolan’s shoot-first-ask-questions-later attitude against him, and Amanda, of course, for hiring him.

That doesn’t quite do it, so he has the Colonel pull Nolan’s file and broadcasts his shady past to everyone, resulting in Nolan resigning and planning to leave town. That would have been that, but Irisa, who’d been acting strange the entire episode, has an attack of some sort and he has to take her to the doctor en route out of town.

Not entirely sure what all of that was about just yet, as we still have one more episode to go, but it appears to have something to do with Votan parasites; the ritual that was attempted with Irisa when she was a child that Nolan saved her from (or did he?); and that mysterious artifact that Doc Yewll has now and is doing some weird experimental thing with involving electricity and bizarre looking machines.

Whatever the case, Irisa flips out, tosses the doc aside and makes haste to the woods, where she sees Rynn, who knows Nolan killed Sukar- or does she? Could it be a hallucination, given that she keeps seeing other wacky things, like herself as a child telling her it’s time to “become”? Who knows? I wasn’t clear on any of that at all, so if you have any idea what’s up with all that, by all means, let me know in the comments section.

All in all, it was a really good episode that moved along at a nice clip, leaving you wanting more. My only real complaint is how abruptly it ended, but I guess that’s to be expected in the penultimate episode of a show. Hopefully, we’ll get some answers next week on what’s going on with Irisa and Doc Yewll and all that stuff.

Some good moments all throughout the episode, including the “shaming ritual” scene with Datak and Alak- wow, those Castis don’t mess around when it comes to disrespecting your elders! I mean, getting down on your knees and groveling for forgiveness is bad enough, but all but sacrificing your friend’s life for it is a bit much, right? Harsh.

I also got the feeling that Stahma might not be lying about setting up Kenya from the jump. I wouldn’t put it past her, but I suspect from her past behavior that her husband might have told her to tell Kenya about the Amanda thing, knowing it would get back to the mayor, but maybe Stahma left out the whole hooking up with Kenya part. If so, that may be just the leverage needed to bring Datak down. Or knowing Kenya, she might just take out Stahma herself- or even Datak.

Either way, how creepy was Stahma’s justification for loving Datak? She loves him for his cruelty? Because it shows how strong he is? And Castis think humans are screwed up for staying in abusive relationships! That is some messed-up thinking right there. (And some Shakespearian plotting all around on the behalf of the writers, especially if this was Stahma’s plan all along.)

Also wary of everything going down was Rafe, who had Alak beaten down, and warned him there would be no second chances if he ever did anything like he did with setting his friend up ever again. Meanwhile, his father was making dirty deals with the Colonel to get Rafe’s mines through a loophole- if he’s elected, that is, and Datak’s not above ballot-stuffing to do it.

Regardless, it was fun to see Datak get beaten down once again (does this guy ever win a fight?), this time in a full-on brawl with Nolan, who could well have killed him. (Shades of Tom and Pope’s face-off on Falling Skies this week, I might add. I guess it’s beat-each-other-up week.) The only thing that stopped him was Irisa, who couldn’t resist delivering the final blow nonetheless, with a boot to Datak’s noggin. You go, girl!

That was about it, but that’s a lot of plot development for a single show. I’m guessing the big finale will be more action-oriented, but we’ll see. We might just end up with more questions than answers. Although the show has been good about gradually filling in the blanks in a clever and unique way, so maybe the ending will be pretty satisfying.

The ads promised that: “One will do the unthinkable; one will meet their fate; and everything will change,” so there’s that to look forward to. Does that mean someone will bite it? I’m tempted to say it’ll be Datak, who’s written himself into a corner with all of his actions as of late, but they might not want to kill off such a solid villain, so maybe not. Could well be Kenya, if she tries to make good on her threats.

So, what did you think of “Defiance” this week? Looking forward to the finale? What do you think will go down? Who will “meet their fate”? Will that fate be death- or something else? Who will “do the unthinkable”? What the what was all that with the electric tendrils of parasitic doom or whatever? Is Irisa becoming something else? Will that something else be good or bad? Will Nolan make good on his talk of leaving town? I guess all will be revealed next week. Sound off below on your thoughts, and thanks for reading!