Falling Skies Season 3 Review “Search & Recovery”

Falling Skies Season 3 Episode 5 Search and Recover (4)

On the latest episode of “Falling Skies”, we got the aftermath of last week’s plane crash that sent Tom, Pope, and Bressler plummeting into the woods and into an uncertain future. In the aptly-titled “Search & Recovery”, we found out their respective fates- if not the also MIA Anne & Alexis, who remain elusive. Right off the bat, we lost Bressler, who perished in the crash, which might have been Pope’s fate as well, had Tom not pulled him away from the wreckage before it exploded.

Thus began a back and forth between the two for most of the episode, as the two remained at each other’s throats for the remainder of their time in the woods. Pope resented being rescued, much less by Tom, and it wasn’t long before the two were kicking the crap out of one another, at least until the aliens came looking for them and broke up the fight before there was any clear winner. This ensuing chase resulted in Tom injuring himself to the point where he couldn’t walk without help, which he stubbornly refused to do, insisting Pope leave him there and send back help.

Along the way, we got some juicy info on Pope in particular, who talked about his two kids, revealing that he’d once gone to jail for killing a man that nearly ran over his son on his bike. Actually, he’d only hit the guy, but he went down so hard it killed him. Ouch! That’s quite a punch! I guess that means that business about clocking Goofy was for real, too, LOL. Apparently Goofy got off easy!

Eventually, Pope returned to rescue Tom, after having found a truck with enough gas to get them within spitting distance of Charleston, so it all worked out. Even if not a lot happened in this episode in terms of forward momentum of the battle between the aliens and the humans, we did get some nice background info on Pope, and a little on Tom’s late wife as well, courtesy of his boys Matt and Ben, who reminisced about her on the search for Anne & Alexis, who were never found.

Hal, on the other hand, remained in “dark” mode, not putting forth much effort in the way of finding the two, even though we all know he knows exactly where they are, having taken part in the abduction himself on the last episode. On the plus side, at least Maggie finally noticed it. Maybe by the next episode, she’ll start believing that there’s something actually wrong with him beyond his acting out of character.

Meanwhile, Dr. Kadar was assigned to look into the Volge “weapon” that they’d been working on in secret under Tom’s watch. Marina had her doubts about it, and used her temporary power as acting President in Tom’s absence to do some digging. The doctor confirmed that, though he wasn’t entirely sure what it was, it wasn’t what they claimed it was, either. So, her worries are justified, even if we’re no closer to finding out what that thing is. (The doctor also confirmed that Alexis is the only baby with alien DNA as well.)

So, even if there wasn’t much in the way of moving the plot forward, we did get some nice character moments, especially with Pope. As he is likely my favorite character, I didn’t mind that so much, and it’s always fun to see two guys bond over beating the crap out of each other. I wasn’t sure who they should fear more: the aliens, or each other. In the end, it was teamwork that saved them, even if their ongoing battle with one other resulted in a draw of sorts. To that end, how about Tom’s assessment of it: “You know what they say about a tie? It’s like kissing your sister.” Who the hell says that? Also, ew.

Obviously the Anne & Alexis business will have to wait until next week, as will the business with the “weapon.” Until then, we bid a fond adieu to Bressler, who gave his life to save the boys. He will be missed, but I’m sure it will be no time before he crops up on another Sci-fi show- or another show on Syfy, as the case may be. (Actor Matt Frewer used to be a regular on that network’s “Eureka”, and has more recently cropped up on the BBC’s “Orphan Black”.)

What did you think of “Falling Skies” this week? Were you satisfied with the resolution of the plane crash? Did you enjoy getting a bit more back-story on Pope? What do you think that “weapon” actually is? Where are Anne & Alexis? Will Maggie figure out what’s actually up with Hal? Feel free to speculate below, as always, in the comments section!