Graceland Season 1 “Pizza Box” Review

Graceland Episode 4 Pizza Box (2)

Graceland is quickly becoming a weekly tale of life and death situations for its resident undercover agents. So far, I haven’t grown tired of watching the various characters nearly escape death on the job.

In this week’s episode, Dale and Johnny were tasked with busing an attractive marijuana farmer and almost found themselves buried behind a barn. As they narrowly escaped their fatal circumstances, Mike got closer to Bello and dodged a few near death experiences himself.

What’s clear from this week’s episode is that pairing up with Johnny makes a high risk situation even riskier. A series of bad decisions, including a sexy romp with the undercover target and being caught taking pictures, required him to use some quick thinking (and a bucket) to avoid the consequences of his poorly thought out actions. At a minimum, he should have known his fake tattoo would not hold up after a long, sweaty night.

Briggs found himself sidelined this week as Mike presented the best option for taking down Bello. After stumbling a bit through Bello’s vetting process, Mike found himself charged with training Bello’s men to become better marksmen. Knowing that if he performed his job too well fellow law enforcement officers would be on the receiving end of Bello’s bullets, Mike convinced the drug lord that the real focus should be gun maintenance and safety.

Not everyone in Bello’s camp was smitten with Mike. Eddie continued to suspect that Mike was not who he said he was, which led him to confront him. That confrontation prompted the FBI to pick Eddie up in an attempt to make him look like a government informant. Of course, that only increased Eddie’s suspicions but his concerns continued to fall on Bello’s deaf ears.

After several failed attempts to convince Bello that Mike was an agent, most of which also included Eddie’s gun in Mike’s face, Eddie gave up – literally and figuratively. I was shocked that he chose to kill himself and I’m sure that Bello’s eventual arrest will sting even more when he realizes that his now fallen comrade was right all along.

Eddie’s death clearly took a toll on Mike, who missed out on his opportunity at a sauce-driven bonding dinner with his Graceland housemates. As Mike washed dishes towards the episode’s end, it was clear that the shine and thrill of his new job was gone. It will be interesting to see how Mike deals with his guilt as he continues to pursue Bello.

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