‘Drunk History’ Series Premiere Date Announced by Comedy Central

Comedy Central has announced their plans to air the new series Drunk History next month on July 9 at 10:00 pm est. ‘Drunk History’ is a comical look at the history of United States, with stories and tales told through drunk A-list performers. Episode one of the show will include appearances by actor Jack Black (School of Rock), Nathan Fielder (This Hour Has 22 Minutes), Will Forte (Saturday Night Live), singer Dave Grohl, Jack McBrayer (30 Rock), Stephen Merchant (The Office), Bob Odenkirk (Saturday Night Live), Adam Scott (Step Brothers) and Fred Willard (Wall-E).

The season one opener is set to take a humorous look at the Watergate scandal, the tale of when Elvis (Jack Black) met with Nixon (Bob Odenkirk) and the feud between Edwin (Will Forte) and John Wilkes (Adam Scott) Booth. The debut episode places actor Nathan Fielder in the role of Bob Woodward, Dave Grohl as Elvis’ mafia friend, Jack McBrayer in the role H. R. Haldeman, Stephen Merchant playing former President Abraham Lincoln, and Fred Willard as Deep Throat.

Prior to the show’s debut fans can check out the ‘Drunk History’ website at cc.com/drunk where viewers can watch the entire premiere episode, viw preview clips and get a look at the series’ “Drunk Outtakes”, along with extended highlight clips.