‘X-Files’ Heading to Comic-Con 2013 for 20th Anniversary Panel


Ready to feel old? TV Guide Magazine announced the news via an ad in their latest issue that The X-Files will be coming to Comic-Con 2013 for a panel celebrating the series’ 20th Anniversary. While it may seem like just yesterday that Mulder and Scully were out there searching for the truth, the iconic FBI agents have been in retirement (minus a 2008 feature film) for longer than they were on-air.

The ad revealed the panel is set for Thursday, July 18th and guests will include series creator Chris Carter and writer/producers Vince Gilligan, Howard Gordon, Darin Morgan, Glen Morgan, Jim Wong, John Shiban and David Amann. While no stars were officially confirmed in the ad, Gillian Anderson’s official website is reporting that she will be at the panel. That only leaves David Duchovny as the wild card.

Are you excited to see The X-Files‘ gang getting back together again? Let us know in the comments.