‘Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous’ Cancelled by MTV

Sadly, it looks like Zach Stone won’t be famous after all.

Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous, the little-watched, but often poignantly hilarious series from YouTube sensation Bo Burnham has been cancelled after one season. Burnham tweeted the news yesterday, telling his fans:

“I am very grateful for and proud of the 12 episodes we’re were allowed to make. And thank you so much to everyone who has watched it…”

MTV told The Hollywood Reporter, “We are huge fans of Bo Burnham and the entire creative and talented team behind Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous. After careful consideration of many factors, we have ultimately decided not to move forward with an additional season of the series. We wish Bo, the cast and the entire production crew the very best.”

Zach Stone has seen its ratings dwindle since its May 2nd debut in the Thursdays at 10:30 time slot. According to Zap2it, the series’ premiere drew 650,000 total viewers, with its most recent numbers drawing around half of that.

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The final three episodes are set to air this week, with episode 10 set for Thursday, June 27th at 11PM ET and the final two installments set to air back-to-back Saturday, June 29th beginning at 11PM ET on MTV.